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Welcome losers, you have made your way here so be prepared to become totally addicted.  Your dignity should be left at the door and get ready to embrace your weak, submissive ways.  My site which is titled for exactly what you need to do... Worship Jasmine!

Your wallet should be full and you are ordered to your knees.  I am going to enjoy putting you pathetic wimps in your place and manipulating your stupid minds. 

Enter at your own risk freak!

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Rich Brag 2023

Rich Brag 2023 - 12/03/2023

I know how much it turns you on, like really turns you on when I talk about just how much money I have.

How all my assets are funded, my top...

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Loser Mockery JOI

Loser Mockery JOI - 26/02/2023

What an absolute embarrassment of a 'man' you are. In a frenzied, horny daze as you're being bullied by a girl.View Set

Financial Flip Off Game

Financial Flip Off Game - 19/02/2023

I love this game and I know how much you love it too!
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Exp0sing You

Exp0sing You - 12/02/2023

You have been creeping around for far too long.  Trying your hardest to hide your crippling obsession and...

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My Wealth Turns You On

My Wealth Turns You On - 05/02/2023

I know how much it turns you on when you hear just how incredible my life truly is.

How I live the life of an ultimate Princess.  Wined,...

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You Love Cock More Than Her

You Love Cock More Than Her - 29/01/2023

How much longer do you think you will be able to hide your crippling obsession with cock for?

Your wife, she has her suspicions.  She thinks...

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Teeny Tiny Jerker

Teeny Tiny Jerker - 22/01/2023

You utterly disgust me!

What even are you? I mean, it's a deformity and it's actually gross!

You should be completely ashamed of...

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Jerk To Your Ex

Jerk To Your Ex - 15/01/2023

You creep!
She didn't want you, she never wanted you.  You was just a wallet, used and drained of every penny.
Once you're all out of cash...

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Greedy Boobs 1

Greedy Boobs 1 - 20/05/2024

Pervert Flip Off

Pervert Flip Off - 20/05/2024

Yup Bitch Boy

Yup Bitch Boy - 20/05/2024

You Love To Be Ripped Off By Me

You Love To Be Ripped Off By Me - 20/05/2024


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