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Welcome losers, you have made your way here so be prepared to become totally addicted.  Your dignity should be left at the door and get ready to embrace your weak, submissive ways.  My site which is titled for exactly what you need to do... Worship Jasmine!

Your wallet should be full and you are ordered to your knees.  I am going to enjoy putting you pathetic wimps in your place and manipulating your stupid minds. 

Enter at your own risk freak!

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Get Rid Of It

Get Rid Of It - 21/04/2021

Admit it, it’s useless. When have you ever used it barring all the times...

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Guided All The Way

Guided All The Way - 17/04/2021

I'm going to hold your hand and guide you from start to finish.  Just follow my instructions...

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Intense And Mindfucking

Intense And Mindfucking - 14/04/2021

Ahh the sweet taste of controlling you, even down to your breathing. You think you can take popp$rs...

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Humiliation Junkie

Humiliation Junkie - 03/04/2021

This is what you live for, sheer, nasty humiliation.  Nothing else quite gets you off...

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Ex Gf Ass Worship Revenge

Ex Gf Ass Worship Revenge - 31/03/2021

Custom Clip: 

My crazy ex girlfriend...

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Fuck Her Whilst Thinking Of Me

Fuck Her Whilst Thinking Of Me - 27/03/2021

I know it's hard to get it up for your boring ugly cow of a wife, why would you want...

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I Know You Want This

I Know You Want This - 24/03/2021

We both know how you crave this so much.  Being financially...

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Gabrielle Foot Cunt

Gabrielle Foot Cunt - 20/03/2021

Get off to my feet you fucking useless cunt.

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Humiliate You Any Way I Want

Humiliate You Any Way I Want - 24/04/2021

Hand Over The Keys

Hand Over The Keys - 28/04/2021

In The Other Room

In The Other Room - 01/05/2021

7 Steps Of Slavery 3 Dress Code

7 Steps Of Slavery 3 Dress Code - 05/05/2021


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