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Welcome losers, you have made your way here so be prepared to become totally addicted.  Your dignity should be left at the door and get ready to embrace your weak, submissive ways.  My site which is titled for exactly what you need to do... Worship Jasmine!

Your wallet should be full and you are ordered to your knees.  I am going to enjoy putting you pathetic wimps in your place and manipulating your stupid minds. 

Enter at your own risk freak!

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I Consume Your Mind

I Consume Your Mind - 16/08/2022

Do you find it hard to concentrate? Are normal daily tasks taking longer than expected as your mind is constantly drifting? Am I constantly on your...

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Dissapointing - 13/08/2022

Well, disappointing to say the least. I mean, where do I start. You are just one big pile of DISAPPOINTMENT. From head to toe. And that little tiny irrelevant...

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Beta Mantra JOI

Beta Mantra JOI - 09/08/2022

It's what you are, so accept it and accept it out loud. Being a useless, waste of space cunt that you are this is going to get you off so much. I...

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Paying To Be Verbally Humiliated

Paying To Be Verbally Humiliated - 06/08/2022

WOW I mean, I really can't imagine what it would be like to be you. PAYING to be mocked, verbally ruined and totally destroyed by my beautifully cruel...

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Hang Your Head In Shame

Hang Your Head In Shame - 02/08/2022

Was you ashamed of who you have become?  Are you embarrassed of your pitiful existence? If you weren't then you definitely will be after this...

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Eat Out To Help Out

Eat Out To Help Out - 30/07/2022

With all these government lockdowns and rules changing.
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How Much Do You Want This

How Much Do You Want This - 26/07/2022

Now this clip really will fuck with you.

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Flipped Off Fuck You

Flipped Off Fuck You - 23/07/2022

Oh how I love flipping you off. A big fat fuck you from me.

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I Am Expensive

I Am Expensive - 20/08/2022

If You Love Me You Will Suck

If You Love Me You Will Suck - 23/08/2022

A Losers Facemask

A Losers Facemask - 27/08/2022

Ass Destroys Your Wallet

Ass Destroys Your Wallet - 30/08/2022


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