Destroying Any Self Esteem

Destroying Any Self Esteem - 17 January 2021

You fucking loser! If this isn't embedded deep in your head then it most defiantly will after...

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A Milking Fag Mindfuck

A Milking Fag Mindfuck - 16 January 2021

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I'm still strapped into...

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Femdom Addiction Is Ruining Your Life

Femdom Addiction Is Ruining Your Life - 13 January 2021

Can you remember the times when you could think straight? Without always veering off to thoughts...

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Cum Guzzling Cunt

Cum Guzzling Cunt - 09 January 2021

Hey there you pathetic fucking loser. I’ve been thinking of the easiest way to make a pathetic...

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Hopeless Virgin Loser

Hopeless Virgin Loser - 06 January 2021

You're not only a complete and utter idiot but you're STILL a Virgin!

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Back Where You Belong

Back Where You Belong - 02 January 2021

You've done so well to last this long... To finally turn the corner and start moving on with your...

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Cry And Jerk To My Abuse

Cry And Jerk To My Abuse - 30 December 2020

You know that when I let my tongue lose on you bunch of morons it feels you with deep self hate....

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Dirty Cum Eating Cunt

Dirty Cum Eating Cunt - 26 December 2020

As if a disgusting little cunt like you deserves to orgasm, hell no.  Oh you can cum today, you can cum under my rules...

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Credit Card Maxing

Credit Card Maxing - 23 December 2020

Let’s have some fun today.  Let’s get you spending like a true pig bitch.  I want you spending like theres no limits.  I want you to...

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Demoted To Office Junior

Demoted To Office Junior - 19 December 2020

I am a wealthy, beautiful, mean, ENTREPRENEUR. I know exactly how to get...

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Date Night With My Pantyhose Legs Feet

Date Night With My Pantyhose Legs Feet - 16 December 2020

This is the perfect date for you because you are just a loser. This is the only date you...

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Deeper And Deeper For Me

Deeper And Deeper For Me - 12 December 2020

Welcome to the world of mind fuck. I want you to clear your mind of everything. Focus on me and don’t...

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Dream Of My Ass

Dream Of My Ass - 09 December 2020

Doesn't my ass look so fucking hot in this cute bikini.  I know it plays havoc with your mind and I know just how hard it makes that...

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Fuck You And Sniff

Fuck You And Sniff - 05 December 2020

I am going to condition you to fall in love with my middle finger. When I flip you off...

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Females Run This World

Females Run This World - 02 December 2020

Such a desperate addict. You are willing to do anything for one grain of my attention. So stupid, so dumb and just so weak. You can't refuse your feelings...

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Chastity Prisoner

Chastity Prisoner - 28 November 2020

You can struggle and fight me all you want, but you are my devoted prisoner now.  You...

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