Jerk Off Addict Forever

Jerk Off Addict Forever - 25 September 2021

When is it ever going to end? This vicious cycle of self loving of which you are deep within? The answer is NEVER.  Why, because you don't want it...

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Just Fucking Eat It

Just Fucking Eat It - 22 September 2021

Just shut the fuck up dumbass.
Stop being such a little bitch about it. You're a loser...

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Good Boys Always Pay

Good Boys Always Pay - 18 September 2021

What do you think I’m interested in? What do you think makes me happy? Fucking cash and heap loads of it.   I get paid because I’m...

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I Wear Heels Bigger Than Your Cock

I Wear Heels Bigger Than Your Cock - 15 September 2021

How does it feel that the sexy heels I have on are double the size if not triple...

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Lost In Addiction

Lost In Addiction - 11 September 2021

I want to keep deepening your addiction to me. I want you to go deeper into submission and devote myself to me. I made you the pathetic looser...

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Maxed By My Tits

Maxed By My Tits - 08 September 2021

Your weakness for my perfect tits have really got you into a lot of financial...

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Empty Wallet Blue Balls Bitch

Empty Wallet Blue Balls Bitch - 04 September 2021

Another month that you have spent your whole entire salary on me.  Watching me purchase shoes,...

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The BEST Ass Compilation

The BEST Ass Compilation - 01 September 2021

Are you ready for this my ass fans? As I know so many of you are totally besotted by...

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Bubble Gum Humiliation

Bubble Gum Humiliation - 28 August 2021

Wow this addiction has really got you hasn't it. You're in so deep, maybe you need some help but...

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Crack Addicttt

Crack Addicttt - 25 August 2021

Wow this addiction has really got you hasn't it. You're in so deep, maybe you need some help but...

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Bbc Addicition Grows

Bbc Addicition Grows - 18 August 2021

Of course, you're back for your fix.


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7 Steps Of Slavery 1 Obedience

7 Steps Of Slavery 1 Obedience - 14 August 2021

I have whittled it down to 7 steps that if followed correctly would form you into...

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Debt It Hot 2

Debt It Hot 2 - 11 August 2021

It's always been that go to thought each and every time you want to jerk off. It turns you on so much that at instant touch you are ready to...

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Exposing Fag David

Exposing Fag David - 07 August 2021


Start by saying how you've...

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Aroma Training

Aroma Training - 04 August 2021

Are you ready?


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Beta Bitch For My Tits

Beta Bitch For My Tits - 31 July 2021

My big, juicy tits turn you into a little bitch don’t they. One glance and you are my beta bitch begging for my attention....

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