Biggest Tribute Of Your Life

Biggest Tribute Of Your Life - 24 February 2024

Are you ready? Are you resisting? not for long 1 minute into this clip and you will be begging desperate to send me the biggest tribute of your life. You...

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Shiny Titss

Shiny Titss - 17 February 2024

Big, shiny, beautiful tits = goofy, stupid, dumb loser! I know how to fuck with you so hard. The temptation is too real. This is insanely HOT, even i was...

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Hand It Over Cuck

Hand It Over Cuck - 10 February 2024

Another week slaving away at work and yet another Friday you have handed over your wages for me to spend as I wish....

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Denying Your Tiny Cock

Denying Your Tiny Cock - 03 February 2024

You do know the rules right. If you can't make a woman cum then you sure as hell shouldn't be making yourself cum....

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Mindless Jerking Drone

Mindless Jerking Drone - 21 January 2024

Hey Jerk Off I know you can't resist the opportunity to do what you to best... I am so ready to take your addiction...

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Findom Conditioning

Findom Conditioning - 14 January 2024

You know I LOVE money, especially yours. You know how EASY it is for me to totally financially manipulate you into...

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Loubs Vape Ignore

Loubs Vape Ignore - 07 January 2024

Hey Loser You're not worthy of my time, you know that right? Sit there like a sucker desperately inhaling my secondary...

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Ass Worship Ruined JOI

Ass Worship Ruined JOI - 31 December 2023

I know how weak my big voluptuous ass makes you... I want you to come real close. I want your nose pressed up to...

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My Wealth Turns You On 1

My Wealth Turns You On 1 - 24 December 2023

You watched me go from wealth to wealth. Each and every time I brag about my promising financial position, it fuels...

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My Cash

My Cash - 17 December 2023

Let's get one very important fact straight.....YOU are MY worker. You WORK for cash for me to fund my lifestyle....

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Findom Over Pussy $$

Findom Over Pussy $$ - 10 December 2023

You are basically a born again VIRGIN! You have become so obsessed in paying me over and over again that you have forgotten about your previous 'life'...

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Born Again Virgin

Born Again Virgin - 03 December 2023

How long has it been? You can't even remember what sex is and you have most certainly accepted that your life wont ever consist of it. You're a loser....

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I Am Expensive $$$

I Am Expensive $$$ - 26 November 2023

It's the simple truth. The heading speaks for itself. No explanation needed really. You will buy this clip. You...

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Jerk To My Manicured Fuck You

Jerk To My Manicured Fuck You - 19 November 2023

I know how horny and weak a FUCK YOU from me makes you. So feast your eyes on my newly manicured sexy nails giving...

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I Ruined Your Sex Life

I Ruined Your Sex Life - 12 November 2023

You know the only way you for you right now is to completely snowball downhill, reject!??I have already clearly...

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Deepest Darkest Debt

Deepest Darkest Debt - 05 November 2023

You have toyed with the idea of being completely financially ruined but something has always held you back. Am...

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