Middle Finger Fuck You

Middle Finger Fuck You - 06 December 2022

I know how it hits you.  My powerful, Alpha middle finger shoved in your face drives you wild. There's something about my perfectly manicured...

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You Exist To Serve Me

You Exist To Serve Me - 03 December 2022

Isn't that right. You really didn't know your purpose until you found me and now it all makes sense. Why you live, eat and breath. Every single day...

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Just A Goon For Me

Just A Goon For Me - 29 November 2022

Of course, you had to have this clip. I mean it's me, it's your weakness, you must do as i say because you're a fucking stupid goon for me. So obsessed,...

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Pervert - 26 November 2022

Living up to your name yet again. Another clip you couldn't resist but perv over. A lonely, sad, single dirty pervert. Gross! Another clip for you...

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Workerbee Mantra

Workerbee Mantra - 22 November 2022

Welcome PIG Repeat after me.....and again, and again and one more time.. I want it embedded deep within. I want to hear it over and over again with...

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Laughing At Your Misfortunes

Laughing At Your Misfortunes - 19 November 2022

Oh I do enjoy laughing at your failures.  Mocking you for your existence is just too much fun. It's so easy to pull you apart, remind you of...

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Rejected - 15 November 2022

How does it feel to be you? To totally never fit in, constantly rejected in every part of your life time and without any chance of that changing?...

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Wank It Weaker

Wank It Weaker - 12 November 2022

I get you oh so hard there is no denying that. Once glimpse of my perfect body you're mindfucked and totally under my control. You ache to stroke....

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Secret Cock Sucker

Secret Cock Sucker - 08 November 2022

How long did you think you could keep it up? The pretence, the denial and the overriding thoughts of cock. You're desperately aching to shout out...

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Useles Cock

Useles Cock - 05 November 2022

Another clip for you to jerk yourself senseless to. What started out as a bit of fun has turned into a full time obsession. Your days cannot go by without...

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Sexy Leather Gloves JOI

Sexy Leather Gloves JOI - 01 November 2022

Look how perfect they fit, that sweet noise they make and oh you are so incredibly horny. I love teasing you, I enjoy pushes your buttons and encouraging...

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You Need To Pay Me

You Need To Pay Me - 29 October 2022

It's your purpose, your reason and why you was put on this earth. In fact it is the only thing you strive so hard to be good at. Paying me over and...

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Taste It For Me

Taste It For Me - 25 October 2022

You will taste it and you will love it. The most humiliating and degrading task which is perfect for the jerk off junkie you have become. Gross, disgusting...

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Suck Cock For My Tits

Suck Cock For My Tits - 22 October 2022

I know how weak my tits make you. How they encourage you to do things you never thought you would. Like sucking cock, any cock, countless amounts...

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No More Fucking Wifey

No More Fucking Wifey - 18 October 2022

You don't want to fuck her anyway. It's only a pity fuck to mask your guilt. All you do is fantasise about me, jerk off to me, save your cum for...

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My Life Of Luxury

My Life Of Luxury - 15 October 2022

There is nothing I enjoy more than bragging about my life. Boasting with all the details of my luxury life. All the expensive filled days, all the...

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