All Men Are Disposable

All Men Are Disposable - 14 November 2020

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You're are pretending...

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Addiction To Me Is Wrecking Your Life

Addiction To Me Is Wrecking Your Life - 11 November 2020

Can you remember the times when you could think straight? Without always veering off to thoughts...

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Big And Horny

Big And Horny - 07 November 2020

You know what I love, it's when you spend big. When you blow your whole bank account on me in one hit, that makes me hot, it's makes me horny....

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2 Pumps For My Tits

2 Pumps For My Tits - 04 November 2020

It's all it takes isn't it.  Two pumps of that horny, over-wanked dick to cum for my tits.  The instant your eyes feast...

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Ache For My Ass Addict

Ache For My Ass Addict - 31 October 2020

You cannot resist me. perfection right before your eyes. From my big breasts to my round juicy ass you are HOOKED. I make...

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Bad Credit

Bad Credit - 28 October 2020

You've wondered too many times what it would be like to be owned by me and to fulfil your fate as a money slave. Admit it, you're too weak  to resist...

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Compulsive Wanker

Compulsive Wanker - 24 October 2020

You absolute embarrassment.  


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All Your Earnings

All Your Earnings - 21 October 2020

Imagine working hard all month long, enduring early starts, long days and very late...

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Chastity Cunt

Chastity Cunt - 17 October 2020

Haven't you been a very good boy this week? Being locked up in that small plastic device for the...

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Addiction Encouragement

Addiction Encouragement - 14 October 2020

I want to encourage your addiction to me to a point that is totally incurable, uncontrollable and crippling.  I want it to over take every...

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Ass Addiction Grows

Ass Addiction Grows - 10 October 2020

You cannot control your addiction, from one horny glimpse of my ass to totally controlled in every way by my big round butt.  My ass and...

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Andrew Is A Cunt

Andrew Is A Cunt - 07 October 2020

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Name Andrew is used.

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Clip Addiction Therapy Support

Clip Addiction Therapy Support - 03 October 2020

Congratulations and welcome.  I’m glad to see that you have finally decided to take control of your life and address your concerning addiction to...

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Compulsive Jerk Off

Compulsive Jerk Off - 30 September 2020

You can't help yourself. You physically and mentally cannot stop. I know you want to pull your...

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Accept Youre A Loser

Accept Youre A Loser - 26 September 2020

Admit it, you know exactly what you are.  There's no hope in shrugging it off you may as well accept and make the most it.  I bet there's...

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Your Wifes Next

Your Wifes Next - 23 September 2020

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I can’t resist you...

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