Middle Finger Fucking Loser

Middle Finger Fucking Loser - 22 April 2017

Hey loser how hard do you get over my middle finger huh? Every time I flip you off you over taken with crazy horninness. How fucking pathetic!...

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Rolex Daytona

Rolex Daytona - 19 April 2017

Worship my Steel and Gold Rolex Daytona.  Teasing you with value of this expensive...

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I Drive You Wild

I Drive You Wild - 15 April 2017

I cause sleepless nights and havoc to your mind. You have never felt excitement like this before and it is totally overwhelming. My curves take your imagination...

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Ruin It All Slut New

Ruin It All Slut New - 12 April 2017

I have not been eating my cum when told so i must be punish I start with a ring gag on jerking you give me 10 secs to cum I must ruin it wipe my cum on...

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A Losers Weekend

A Losers Weekend - 08 April 2017

Hey Loser no plans for this weekend yet again huh. Another lonely night in filled with the company of my clips? Good.
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Popping The Big Blimp

Popping The Big Blimp - 05 April 2017

You laugh and say 'You've been watching too many of my videos. All of that sexual energy has nowhere to go and you've blown up into a big round helpless blimp....

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I Love Ripping You Off

I Love Ripping You Off - 01 April 2017

It's simple I LOVE doing it and I'm pretty damn good at it.

So you're going...

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Online Password Fun

Online Password Fun - 29 March 2017

Can you imagine just how much fun it would be handing over all you log in and passwords for everything online. Your social media, your online banking...

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My Ass Made You An Addict

My Ass Made You An Addict - 25 March 2017

From the very first moment you set your eyes on my divine ass you became instantly addicted. You felt like a loser and it felt so good. Your...

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Feminized For Cock Sucking

Feminized For Cock Sucking - 22 March 2017

Hey little sissy, today is the day. After years and years of stroking to your huge cock sucking fantasy its time we turned fantasy into reality!
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Wishlist Time

Wishlist Time - 18 March 2017

Yup, my wishlist needs your attention and you're going work your way through the list until it is completely cleared. Why, because I deserve...

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Film Time Ignore

Film Time Ignore - 15 March 2017

In between filming I decide to take a break and casually go through my emails and pathetic love letters. Normally I would turn my camcorder off but today...

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Poppers And Pantyhose

Poppers And Pantyhose - 11 March 2017

I know how weak sheer pantyhose make you, combine my nylon clad legs with strong P0pp3rs you are in for a pretty...

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Open Nice And Wide

Open Nice And Wide - 08 March 2017

Stroking to my hot curves really does melt you, I lure you to places you never thought possible. I bring out your obedient side, when permitted to stroke...

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Tiny Little Insignificance

Tiny Little Insignificance - 04 March 2017

I hate your ugly face and so you should you. I want you to degrade yourself, cum to the point of zero self worth that you cover your whole entire...

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Cum On Your Ugly Face

Cum On Your Ugly Face - 02 March 2017

I hate your ugly face and so you should you. I want you to degrade yourself, cum to the point of zero self worth that you cover your whole entire...

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