Addiction Controls You

Addiction Controls You - 21 September 2019

As hard as you may try to stay away, your dick overpowers you and your back...

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Cock Captivity

Cock Captivity - 18 September 2019

So the day has finally arrived, the day in which you get the chance to show me your a worthy slave....

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Broke Losers Are Useless

Broke Losers Are Useless - 14 September 2019

What do I want with you when your wallet is empty huh? Duh. NOTHING. You're useless, worthless...

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Buy This Clip If You Have A Pin Dick

Buy This Clip If You Have A Pin Dick - 11 September 2019

It surprises how the vast population of the world have such tiny cocks.  As if it...

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Buy This Clip Idiot

Buy This Clip Idiot - 07 September 2019

You WILL buy this clip because I told you to, because you're dumb, mindless...

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Admit It Youre Gay

Admit It Youre Gay - 04 September 2019

Your whole life you haven't even tried to fit in and pursue a relationship with a girl, you have always truly known what turns you on and it's...

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Come Clean

Come Clean - 31 August 2019

I have a task today and it's not for the faint hearted.  It's for a true sub, an addict who...

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Black Pantyhose Drive You Wild

Black Pantyhose Drive You Wild - 28 August 2019

Try your god damn hardest not to get overly excited with this gif.  My pantyhose clad...

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Cant Get Enough Of My Tits

Cant Get Enough Of My Tits - 24 August 2019

They rule your mind, your world, your wallet and your dick. My big, round natural breasts send you into sub space, they make you feel good and...

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Get Hard For Alpha Bbc

Get Hard For Alpha Bbc - 21 August 2019

You are filled with envy when it comes to BBC.  The ALPHA cock, thick, long, juicy,...

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Convicing You To Eat Your Cum

Convicing You To Eat Your Cum - 17 August 2019

You can do it and you will do it.

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Fuck You Loser Just Pay

Fuck You Loser Just Pay - 14 August 2019

You really are just an easy drain.  You know you deserve it...

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Ignore And Drain

Ignore And Drain - 10 August 2019

You will buy this clip and you will pay to be ignored because you're a cunt and I...

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Why You Could Never Stay Awa

Why You Could Never Stay Awa - 07 August 2019

This clip really needs no description.


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Endless Findom Cycle

Endless Findom Cycle - 03 August 2019

When is it ever going to end? This vicious cycle of Financial slavery you are deep within?...

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Eat It For My Loubs

Eat It For My Loubs - 31 July 2019

I know how hard you get for my Nude Louboutin Heels.  They just trigger all...

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