Bbc Addicition Grows

Bbc Addicition Grows - 18 August 2021

Of course, you're back for your fix.


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7 Steps Of Slavery 1 Obedience

7 Steps Of Slavery 1 Obedience - 14 August 2021

I have whittled it down to 7 steps that if followed correctly would form you into...

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Debt It Hot 2

Debt It Hot 2 - 11 August 2021

It's always been that go to thought each and every time you want to jerk off. It turns you on so much that at instant touch you are ready to...

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Exposing Fag David

Exposing Fag David - 07 August 2021


Start by saying how you've...

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Aroma Training

Aroma Training - 04 August 2021

Are you ready?


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Beta Bitch For My Tits

Beta Bitch For My Tits - 31 July 2021

My big, juicy tits turn you into a little bitch don’t they. One glance and you are my beta bitch begging for my attention....

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D0g - 28 July 2021

So you really really desperately want to be my huh?

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Eternal Chastity

Eternal Chastity - 24 July 2021

It's over touched, over wanked and absolutely useless. It's totally pointless having that 'thing'...

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Findom Is Better Than Sex

Findom Is Better Than Sex - 21 July 2021

It's true. Nothing gives you the thrill and euphoric rush like Findom does.

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Dick Addict Forever

Dick Addict Forever - 17 July 2021

Hey addict

I know what really...

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Dare You To Try It

Dare You To Try It - 14 July 2021

Go on, it won't harm. Who knows where it could lead huh? What are you scared...

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10 Second Cunt

10 Second Cunt - 10 July 2021

You're back.  AGAIN and you can't even last the whole clip.

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Deeper Bitch

Deeper Bitch - 07 July 2021

You wanna go deeper. Desperate to fill that emptiness within you. You know with one sniff...

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Big Booty Worship

Big Booty Worship - 03 July 2021

Oh did you need this.

A perfect, arousing...

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Blackmail Control

Blackmail Control - 30 June 2021

As you look at me right now you feel completely inferior.   Pathetic, helpless and totally in awe.  I am an alpha Goddess, with my massive, perfectly...

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Dirty Slutty Dave

Dirty Slutty Dave - 26 June 2021

So Dave meets Lewis and Megan again at a party.  Having fun* and horny he is totally...

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