Boob LOSER - 09 April 2013

You are so weak for breasts aren't you? Big round juicy pert boobs. Especially mine and Lady Nina Leigh. As we tease you with our perfect tits you...

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Big Boob JOI

Big Boob JOI - 05 April 2013

Stroking to my big curvaceous breasts is going to seriously send you over the edge loser! Now you follow my orders, you are only allowed to jerk when I...

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Armpit Stroker

Armpit Stroker - 02 April 2013

Wow, how weird. You have a sick obsession with my armpits. My soft smooth underarms turns you on!

To me. you are just ANOTHER...

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Bikini Home Wrecker

Bikini Home Wrecker - 29 March 2013

Lets get this straight, you need to stop trying to deny this. Just embrace it. Im the most important thing to you. Not that ugly overweight hag wife your...

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Blue Balled

Blue Balled - 26 March 2013

I love teasing you freaks. Seeing that addiction grow out of control. Weak and desperate at my feet, wanting any kind of acknowledgement. In my skimpy...

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slurp it up

slurp it up - 25 March 2013

You can't keep your eyes off of my hot sexy young body can you. I love ordering for you to amuse and entertain me. So that is exactly what you are going...

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Admit your GAY

Admit your GAY - 22 March 2013

Go on....admit it...your gay right?!

Don't you think I know that this whole 'manly' act of yours is fake! Listen I'm not stupid....

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pin number

pin number - 22 March 2013

Well little freak, we have a new game to play with you and I am sure you are going to be ever so happy to play along with our game! We want to go shopping,...

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smelly slippers

smelly slippers - 20 March 2013

I thought I would make a clip with these disgusting over worn slippers before sending them to their new owner. My yank foot slut Ali. These are the most...

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Addicted to CEI

Addicted to CEI - 19 March 2013

How disgusting, your addicted to eating your own cum! Buying all my CEI clips and begging me for more yuk! Well to be honest, a loser like you shouldn't...

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pillow humper

pillow humper - 18 March 2013

I want you to degrade yourself tonight, self humiliate yourself. Make me laugh seeing you so weak and addicted. I want don't want you to stroke that little...

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Humiliated Pantyhose Lover

Humiliated Pantyhose Lover - 15 March 2013

Myself and Lady Nina Leigh have just arrived back from our evening out and have returned feeling very sadistic and mean so we decide to take advantage...

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powerful cleavage

powerful cleavage - 15 March 2013


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Permenant Feminzation

Permenant Feminzation - 12 March 2013

Hey girly, ohhh look at you! I have a nice little treat for you today. Your going to love it! I have booked you in for the op! Yes, that back street surgery...

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Bad Puppy Chucked Out

Bad Puppy Chucked Out - 05 March 2013

Look at you down there, in the corner whimpering for some of our attention. Pathetic! But you wont get our attention will you as you have been a bad puppy...

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Know Your Place

Know Your Place - 01 March 2013

Know your place loser. Your beneath me, you will always be beneath me! To be honest you are beneath every single women who walks this earth. Your place...

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