Dominant Legs

Dominant Legs - 04 March 2014

My legs are so powerful making you addicts crumble to pieces. Long, shapely legs. My legs can not only destruct your wallet they can cause a lot of pain.View Set

Teasing the Wallet

Teasing the Wallet - 01 March 2014

You can't help yourself...

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why you pay us

why you pay us - 27 February 2014

As you look at these...

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stinky gym slave

stinky gym slave - 25 February 2014

Back from my sweaty workout and ready to tease. Sound perfect to you doesn't it. You really are perverted loser. Getting hot and horny over my extra stinky...

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Out of your League

Out of your League - 22 February 2014

It's correct isn't it....I am WAY out of your league Loser! I am a Goddess, a beautiful rich Goddess. I am the women you have dreamed about for many...

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Messing with the popper Addict

Messing with the popper Addict - 20 February 2014

I am going to mess with your head tonight Loser! I know just how much of an addict you are to poppers and your addiction to myself is growing....

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Making you morbidly obese

Making you morbidly obese - 18 February 2014

I know lots of you freaks are already deep in addiction to my perfect self, so in this clip i use my curves, my beautiful brown eyes, big plump lips and...

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Prissy Sissy

Prissy Sissy - 15 February 2014

Hey little loser...

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Pathetic Pin Dick

Pathetic Pin Dick - 13 February 2014

What the hell do you call that?! That is a useless piece of something. There is no use for 'that' at all. You couldn't satisfy anyone with that. To be...

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OINK and Wank

OINK and Wank - 12 February 2014

You really are nothing more than a disgusting pig. I love reminding you of what you really mean to me....nothing! I want it embedded in that horrible little...

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Sweat - 12 February 2014

I have the luxury of working out at home. I need to keep my body hot and tight. I have been working hard perfecting this and have started to really build...

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lipgloss loser

lipgloss loser - 01 February 2014

How hot does my glossy pouty lips look? Fucking hot!

Watch my lips loser and listen to my soothing sexy voice....

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wallet r.ape

wallet r.ape - 30 January 2014

Has it ever occurred to you that I fucking hate you. Have you ever noticed that I ask NOTHING about you. It's all about ME. I don't even know your name....

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suck cock for us

suck cock for us - 28 January 2014

It is something that you have thought about for a long time isn't it. Seeing the title of this clip just lured you in. You HAD to click and BUY.
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weak horny pig

weak horny pig - 25 January 2014

Hey piggy, you can't contain yourself around me can you? You get all weak and horny. Wanting to serve me in anyway possible. Teasing you with my curvaceous...

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Shoe Dangle

Shoe Dangle - 24 January 2014

Custom Clip:I was hoping for a clip of you dangling one of your shoes and dropping that show showing your barefoot. I would also like to see you stand...

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