Weak For My Feet

Weak For My Feet - 17 January 2015

My feet hold so much power, not only of your mind and dick but of your wallet too. You cannot resist them, one brief look and they have...

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Jerk Your Baby Dick

Jerk Your Baby Dick - 15 January 2015

For once, your plan...

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Training You To Love Cock

Training You To Love Cock - 13 January 2015

You here for one...

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Lips Of Destruction

Lips Of Destruction - 10 January 2015

My lips hold great power. They have the power to cause destruction. So soft, so perfect, they blow minds and fuck with lives....

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Wet Looking Leggings

Wet Looking Leggings - 08 January 2015

I have had countless requests to film in my wet look leggings. They are super tight, hugging my perfect curves, accentuating my pert behind. Who wouldn't...

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Jasmines Cuck

Jasmines Cuck - 06 January 2015


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pay up cunt

pay up cunt - 03 January 2015

As the title are nothing but a CUNT who deserves nothing more than spending an extortionate amount on a HOT, GREEDY, DOMINANT...

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Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse - 01 January 2015

Hello fuckwits, you know that I don't mince my words when it comes to you freaks. So, here it is...I am here to tell you EXACTLY what I thin of you lowly...

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Humiliating The Toilet Slave

Humiliating The Toilet Slave - 30 December 2014

It really does surprise...

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Money Count

Money Count - 27 December 2014

I LOVE Money and it loves me. The smell, the feel, the fact that I can spend thousands in wonder why. Money looks...

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Have You Got A Pin Dick

Have You Got A Pin Dick - 25 December 2014

This is an email or a question I constantly get. I am not sure if you losers are in slight denial or just enjoy having your pathetic excuse for a manhood...

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Sexy Soles

Sexy Soles - 23 December 2014

My soft creamy soles sexy soles just inches from your face. You can see everything little wrinkle perfectly. Teasing...

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Stroke And Eat

Stroke And Eat - 20 December 2014

So your here before me like the depraved fuck that you are. Weak and begging to cum. You know there is no way you deserve to cum like a normal guy. You...

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Suck Black Cock For Me

Suck Black Cock For Me - 18 December 2014

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Serving Your Ex

Serving Your Ex - 16 December 2014

It's been FOUR whole months since I dumped you and yet you are still scurrying around like a little rodent. You simply can't accept that I no longer want...

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Louboutin Bitch

Louboutin Bitch - 13 December 2014

Of course, I wear...

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