stocklings joi

stocklings joi - 22 October 2013

You are addicted to stockings loser. Any kind as long as there on my shapely legs they make you drool. As I stroke my hands up and down my sheer black...

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rinse you dry

rinse you dry - 19 October 2013

I love cash, good hard earned cash. Cash that you work very hard for. Not me, I don't work, I just deserve it, you should know that! I enjoy my little...

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religion - 17 October 2013

I am a Goddess in fact I am your GOD-dess. Yes I am GOD to you loser. I am your very new religion. What you will devote yourself to. You need to start...

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self sucking slut

self sucking slut - 15 October 2013

I really can make 'men' degrade and humiliate themselves so easily. Making them do things they really didn't think they were capable of or would ever do....

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Shaven Shame

Shaven Shame - 12 October 2013

Look at you! Standing there looking pathetic as usual. You really aren't a man are you?! You look more like a women. The only thing that is slightly masculine...

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Pissy Pants

Pissy Pants - 10 October 2013

You would do anything I asked wouldn't you? Everytime you think of me you get so excited you piss yourself don't you!haha Now I want to see how far you...

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pregnant by another man

pregnant by another man - 08 October 2013

We know that the thought of blackmail terrifies you, send shivers down your spine but you cant stay away. The thought of your family, friends and co-workers...

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come play with fire

come play with fire - 05 October 2013

We know that the thought of blackmail terrifies you, send shivers down your spine but you cant stay away. The thought of your family, friends and co-workers...

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Hey Shorty

Hey Shorty - 03 October 2013

CUSTOM CLIP: First of all, great clip store! I would like to suggest a humiliation style clip where you are breaking up with your boyfriend (the POV viewer)...

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Smoking - 01 October 2013

Inhale (small version) Come closer, I want you inhale all my dirty secondary smoke even if you are a non smoker. It entertains me, amuses me and that...

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Sock Sniffer

Sock Sniffer - 28 September 2013

Jasmine and Nina's Sock Sniffer HD Ewwww you like dirty, sweaty smelly socks?! That is gross! Myself and Nina really want to tease you with our cute little...

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Pool Foot Treat

Pool Foot Treat - 26 September 2013

Lounging by the pool at the villa you paid for, I decide to bring you back to wear you belong, at my feet like the submissive little freak that you are....

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Red Boots

Red Boots - 24 September 2013

My soft leather red boots are one of my favourite pairs to wear. They are so soft and supple and cling to my shapely legs so well. I feel so sexy wearing...

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Power of the Pussy

Power of the Pussy - 21 September 2013

The title states the obvious doesn't it freak! I have the pussy which means I have the power. That is why every single female on this planet is superior...

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Small Penis Stephen

Small Penis Stephen - 19 September 2013

You are my private tutor hired to help me improve my grades. You notice i am very distracted & attribute this to my poor marks. You delve deeper &...

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Re-education - 17 September 2013

It's time you were re-educated. The reason you are so miserable is that you have spent your life denying yourself. You have tried to conform with everyone...

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