pay and suck

pay and suck - 26 April 2014

So, you want to serve me do you? But a bit low on income...well, your then useless to me, aren't you?! Well I have a message for you, especially you working...

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pantyhose joi

pantyhose joi - 22 April 2014

My silky black opaque tights really melt your heart, soul and mind, don't they? Making that mind of yours crumble, fall apart. You are so weak for me in...

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eat cum off the floor

eat cum off the floor - 19 April 2014

I love nothing more than see you fuckwits degrade yourself. You know your a jerk addict BUT you also know that you do not deserve to cum like a real man....

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Shrimp Dick Wimp

Shrimp Dick Wimp - 17 April 2014

I simply cannot believe...

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you would rather jerk to us than your wife

you would rather jerk to us than your wife - 15 April 2014

We have hit the nail on the head here haven't we. I mean, we don't blame you in the slightest. All you need to do is have a quick glance at us and you...

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phone call 2

phone call 2 - 12 April 2014

Listen in cunts. The pig is back again

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pa to boss

pa to boss - 10 April 2014

Hahaha you pathetic worm, I have been your secretary for only 2 months and now ive taken over your job as BOSS and now your my little tea boy! I am so...

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We don't hate you!

We don't hate you! - 08 April 2014

Come on did you really think we would hate you? I mean that is a feeling...right? You actually thought we may have feelings for you!!! hahah come on idiot....

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webcam whore

webcam whore - 05 April 2014

You are such a useless waste of space and a slut at heart.  I am going to put this to use and you will start working for me.  I am going to start...

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Redundancy Pt 2

Redundancy Pt 2 - 03 April 2014

This carries on from 'Redundancy Part 1' Myself and Perfect Princess Portia continue to mock, taunt abd verbally humiliate you. We decide to really humiliate...

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How Tiny!!!

How Tiny!!! - 02 April 2014


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sweat bitch work

sweat bitch work - 01 April 2014

Back from my sweaty workout and ready to tease. Sound perfect to you doesn't it. You really are perverted loser. Getting hot and horny over my extra stinky...

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whos important

whos important - 29 March 2014

Who is.....? Not hard LOSER, I am! I am the most important thing to you! In that pathetic little life of yours all you should think about is ME!
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You suck at sex

You suck at sex - 27 March 2014

Why are you even bothering? Come on, seriously. You are not fooling anyone. Do you actually think you can pull it off? Good in bed? No, you can't and your...

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poppers - 25 March 2014

I know what you like to play around with (poppers) and you know what I like to play around with (your mind). Put the two together and things are going...

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sissy masterbation

sissy masterbation - 22 March 2014

Oh look at you Sissy! Aren't you pathetic, all girly, dressed up and looking like the little freak that you are. Now you do know that you aren't a real...

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