Useless Pin Dick

Useless Pin Dick - 23 November 2013

What the hell do you call that?! That is a useless piece of something. There is no use for 'that' at all. You couldn't satisfy anyone with that. To be...

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Big Boob Jerk Off

Big Boob Jerk Off - 21 November 2013

Stroking to my big curvaceous breasts is going to seriously send you over the edge loser! Now you follow my orders, you are only allowed to jerk when I...

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your wife worships us

your wife worships us - 19 November 2013

Your wife was mortified when we told her that you were our slave. It must have been devastating to hear that the her husband was in fact a cross dressing,...

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stupid pay pig

stupid pay pig - 16 November 2013

Prepare your piggy ears for this clip. Myself and Princess Samantha unleash our views and opinions of you dirty stinky pigs. We hold nothing back in telling...

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spit - 14 November 2013

Open wide Loser I have a treat for you. My hot saliva oh yes! You will drink it all up wont you? I mean it's not any saliva, its mine, so it's royal saliva....

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throwing away the key

throwing away the key - 12 November 2013

I am sick of you pathetic jerk addicts, looking for any reason to get off. Disgusts me in fact! Constantly jerking to me when you don't deserve it and...

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tit worship

tit worship - 09 November 2013

You are so addicted to me aren't your freak? and I know how to make you even weaker for me. Yes, as i stroke my hands all over my shapely pert 34DD breasts,...

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serve me and my man

serve me and my man - 07 November 2013

You do know that your role in life is to serve me as my little cuckold bitch. You are not use to me in any other way, you do know that right? There are...

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Small Penis Comp

Small Penis Comp - 05 November 2013

Well this clip is perfect for all you little pin dicks out there! I have seen sooooo many pathetic little dicks that I thought I should turn it into something...

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Bi is HOT

Bi is HOT - 02 November 2013

Myself, Lady Nina and Princess Danielle have all got together to discuss something we all feel the same way about....Bi! We ALL think it is so HOT! We...

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panty licker

panty licker - 31 October 2013

How hot do my little panties look huh? Guess how long I've been wearing these...long time hey...but for a disgusting little cretin like you, the longer,...

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step brother bmail

step brother bmail - 29 October 2013

So, at the family party I decide it's the perfect time to pull my new step brother aside and tell him all about my findings. He obviously didn't see that...

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toe points

toe points - 26 October 2013

Jasmine's Pantyhose Toe Points small version Well i know just how weak you little freaks are for my feet, i know that you will turn to jelly when you can...

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sweaty ass

sweaty ass - 24 October 2013

I love working out, its part of my daily regime. I need to keep this Goddess body in shape. As I have a gym in my own grounds I can work out in the skimpiest...

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stocklings joi

stocklings joi - 22 October 2013

You are addicted to stockings loser. Any kind as long as there on my shapely legs they make you drool. As I stroke my hands up and down my sheer black...

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rinse you dry

rinse you dry - 19 October 2013

I love cash, good hard earned cash. Cash that you work very hard for. Not me, I don't work, I just deserve it, you should know that! I enjoy my little...

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