Sign It All Over To Me

Sign It All Over To Me - 26 August 2017

You knew that my greed was forever growing and in order to be my slave you had to meet this no matter the circumstances or consequences....

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Total Ownership

Total Ownership - 23 August 2017

So let's talk serious ownership. None of this pretend ownership but real honest ownership. Are you a true devotee? Have you done enough...

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Stupid Loser Abuse

Stupid Loser Abuse - 19 August 2017

You know that when I let my tongue lose on you bunch of morons it feels you with deep self hate. You really are an...

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You Will Buy Anything

You Will Buy Anything - 16 August 2017

You will literally pay...

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The Power Of My Ass

The Power Of My Ass - 12 August 2017

My bank balance is proof of just how powerful my ass. Whenever I...

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Stinky Blue Converse

Stinky Blue Converse - 09 August 2017

Hey loser look how dirty and sweat drenched my blue converse sneakers are. They're gross and not fit for my perfect feet but great to tease and...

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Sissy Fuck Hole

Sissy Fuck Hole - 05 August 2017

Hey sissy you have always dreamt of having your ass totally and utterly annihilated huh. Well I have some plans for you. I want you dressed up, a huge...

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Mindfucked Into Blackmail

Mindfucked Into Blackmail - 02 August 2017

It's what you've always wanted, what you have longed a lifetime for so why fight it. This is your chance to delve deep into your darkest desires, to feed...

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The Financial Hangover

The Financial Hangover - 02 August 2017

It was a long time coming. After months of stalking my Twitter and buying my clips, you eventually summoned up the courage to book an online...

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Timed Aroma Session

Timed Aroma Session - 29 July 2017

I have made this session loser proof, you do as I say when I say. It's not going to be easy, in fact it's really going to push you. I like to get you fucked...

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Red Fishnet Edging

Red Fishnet Edging - 26 July 2017

Can you resist me in my figure hugging red fishnet body stocking?

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You Will Never Stop Wanking

You Will Never Stop Wanking - 22 July 2017

Custom Clip:

Wearing your outfit from "Key holds the power" You've...

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Stroke To Big Cocks

Stroke To Big Cocks - 19 July 2017

You're not going to deny yourself of dick today.  How can you deny yourself...

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Wet Look Makes You Weak

Wet Look Makes You Weak - 15 July 2017

How hot do I look in this skin tight wet look. As it clings to my curves it glistens and makes you weaker than ever...

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We Party You Pay

We Party You Pay - 12 July 2017

You've never had a social life nor will you ever have one. Partying is for popular people, people with friends, something that you have...

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You Touch You Pay

You Touch You Pay - 08 July 2017

It's all you do, in fact it is all you know. To stroke your pathetic, tiny, irrelevant joke of a dick. You stroke to...

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