diapored bf

diapored bf - 29 May 2014

I am fed up with your whinging and moaning. Your just a big cry baby. You aren't boyfriend material anymore, you are nothing more than...

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earn the socks cei

earn the socks cei - 27 May 2014

I know why you are...

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enslaving step bro

enslaving step bro - 24 May 2014

So, at the family...

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expensive bitch

expensive bitch - 22 May 2014

Look at me, you simply...

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foot cucked

foot cucked - 20 May 2014

There you are on...

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get what you crave

get what you crave - 17 May 2014

Feast your eyes on just how perfect, hot and sexy I really am and then take a look at my gorgeous cleavage. It's like you've di.ed and gone to heaven hey...

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seduced into slavery

seduced into slavery - 15 May 2014

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squashed under my thigh high boots

squashed under my thigh high boots - 13 May 2014

Wow, I nearly didn't see you down there. So tiny, I have never seen anything so small. Are you sure your human? An inch tall wow!
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your money turns me on

your money turns me on - 10 May 2014

I fucking love money, the smell, the feel, everything....but not just money in general...YOUR money is soooooooo much better! The thought of having your...

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power reverse pt1

power reverse pt1 - 08 May 2014

We have been very hard working employees of yours for some time now but to be honest we have had enough of your perving on us and taking our hard work...

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pay slave addict

pay slave addict - 06 May 2014

You are completely addicted to financial domination loser. You simply get hard at the thought of handing over that hard earned cash to me. On your knees...

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your cock is disgusting

your cock is disgusting - 03 May 2014

WOW, what the hell is that? I seriously did have to check that you weren't actually a female. This is disgusting, vile, you should really hide that away....

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Redundancy Pt 1

Redundancy Pt 1 - 01 May 2014

Well, what a bad decision it was to hire two of the most brattiest, greediest women as your Secretaries. Well, we aren't stupid, we know why your hired...

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virgin loser

virgin loser - 29 April 2014

Myself and the gorgeous Princess Portia hate pathetic virgins like you! We mock you and verbally abuse you for being so pathetic and remind you exactly...

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pay and suck

pay and suck - 26 April 2014

So, you want to serve me do you? But a bit low on income...well, your then useless to me, aren't you?! Well I have a message for you, especially you working...

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pantyhose joi

pantyhose joi - 22 April 2014

My silky black opaque tights really melt your heart, soul and mind, don't they? Making that mind of yours crumble, fall apart. You are so weak for me in...

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