worship our high heels

worship our high heels - 24 July 2014

Any beta-male like...

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Step it up Sissy

Step it up Sissy - 22 July 2014

WOW, don't you look kinda cute! All dressed up like a little girl, you look very feminine. Now I have been thinking, I think it's about time we took it...

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Ultimate Humiliation Junkie

Ultimate Humiliation Junkie - 19 July 2014

Hello Fucktards, this is you isn't it? A HUMILIATION JUNKIE!
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humiliating you and your pig wife

humiliating you and your pig wife - 17 July 2014

Myself and Princess Samantha have often discussed just how bewildered we are that some of you pigs ACTUALLY have a wife. It baffles us both as to who would...

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leggings hd

leggings hd - 15 July 2014

I have had countless requests to film in my wet look leggings. They are super tight, hugging my perfect curves, accentuating my pert behind. Who wouldn't...

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leg zombie

leg zombie - 12 July 2014

It's exactly what...

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Ruined by my lips

Ruined by my lips - 10 July 2014

You are completely as I slowly and seductively tell you exactly what you are going to do for me. As I apply my lip liner and lipstick onto my perfect pout,...

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lock it away

lock it away - 03 July 2014

You really have no self containment do you! You cant help but unzip at any chance. I mean you and your right hand have been great friends for years as...

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step mom pantyhose custom

step mom pantyhose custom - 01 July 2014


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punish your balls

punish your balls - 28 June 2014

Hey fucktard, today myself and the gorgeous Princess Samantha want to have some fun with you. We are going to instruct you on just what to do as you PUNISH...

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double feeding the donut diet

double feeding the donut diet - 26 June 2014

Myself and Lady Nina Leigh have teamed up to fatten you up. We have enjoyed making little runts into fat slobbering over weigh piglets and then shipping...

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financial advisor

financial advisor - 24 June 2014

As a wealthy business it is that time of the year when you have to see a Financial Advisor to decide on where to bank your...

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give in to my breasts

give in to my breasts - 21 June 2014

You try so hard to stay away but your just too weak. Presented with my big round natural breasts you instantly crumble to the weak submissive wimp that...

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boot bitch

boot bitch - 19 June 2014


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cei for beginners

cei for beginners - 17 June 2014

I know you have skirted around this, always afraid to try it. Dipping your toe in to test the water. Well here it is, there is no getting away now. This...

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green vapour

green vapour - 14 June 2014

Aren't I just so damn sexy. Inhaling and exhaling my green V Shisha E-Cigarette. My lips, my eyes, the smoke it just lures you straight in. Like a little...

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