Addicted Mind Fuck

Addicted Mind Fuck - 15 December 2016

Addicted to me and addicted to p0ppers is only going to end one way. You crave that euphoric feeling, desperately aching for control. With each hit...

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My Addict

My Addict - 13 December 2016

My addict you are, from the moment you set your perverted eyes on my beauty you were sucked in and never looked back. Everything about...

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Poppers And Smoke

Poppers And Smoke - 10 December 2016

I would like to be your human ashtray again. you smoking up close, i'm your slave and you are my smoking queen. You are sitting in front of the...

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Envious Of Ebony

Envious Of Ebony - 08 December 2016

Big black cock reminds you of that a lowly loser you are. Your mouth waters and you have to stroke, as I tease you and humiliate you it feels so good....

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Addicted To My Perfect Ass

Addicted To My Perfect Ass - 06 December 2016

All you crave is my big, juicy voluptuous ass. My curves are like viagra to your cock and drooling over my perfect butt is your addiction....

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Humiliated And Double Denied

Humiliated And Double Denied - 03 December 2016

Of course you are weak at our feet. With the sight of two of the hottest Dommes around you are nothing more than a drooling sap. Our beauty overpowers...

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Luxury Tax

Luxury Tax - 01 December 2016

Yes I am a luxury and I live a luxurious life, thats why I deserve nothing more than luxury tributes. Not menial, pathetic $100/$250...

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Loser Abuse Humiliation

Loser Abuse Humiliation - 29 November 2016

You lowly piece of sh1.t. I enjoy reminding you of your place in society, ensuring you are just where you should be and thats totally vulgarised and stripped...

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Tights For Cameron

Tights For Cameron - 26 November 2016

Please can you wear some ultra shiny...

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4 Eyed Loser

4 Eyed Loser - 24 November 2016

NOTES:Hi Goddess, i was hoping to order a custom clip where You humiliate me for being a 22 year old virgin who is scared to talk to women and for buying...

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A Humiliating Edging

A Humiliating Edging - 22 November 2016

Being under my control turns you on no end. With each demand your dick throbs and you ache for a bitchy word from my lips. You can't help yourself but...

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Vulnerable And Weak

Vulnerable And Weak - 19 November 2016

You are so easy to corrupt, weaken and exploit. A vulnerable, horny male just screaming out to be totally overpowered. The power of beauty hey! One...

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Your Financial Decline And Misery

Your Financial Decline And Misery - 17 November 2016

A complete and utter idiot for me, wasn't you huh. Look where your stupid horniness has landed you, into my hands. You're mine now and there is nothing...

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Taxed At Every Touch

Taxed At Every Touch - 15 November 2016

Hey loser, go on, try your hardest not to touch because you know it can be costly. Of course you can't help your self, being a drooling addict with not...

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Pitying Your Pindick

Pitying Your Pindick - 12 November 2016

I really do pity you as a 'man'. That 'thing' that is basically non-existent between your legs really does ensure your loser status. It tells you apart...

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Constantly Broke

Constantly Broke - 10 November 2016

You find it hard to resist paying me at the best of time but today I push you further, I encourage you to delve deep into the world of Financial Domination...

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