Desperste To Be Drained

Desperste To Be Drained - 12 April 2016

You are desperate to be teased...

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Destroying Your Ego

Destroying Your Ego - 09 April 2016

Reminding you of your lowly place in life brings enjoyment to my soul. To embed harsh, humiliating words deep inside your head fills me with happiness....

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Easy Tit Drain

Easy Tit Drain - 07 April 2016

My cleavage rules your every thought. You are hooked on the sight of my round, juicy, natural View Set

Cum Wash

Cum Wash - 05 April 2016

There is no better type of humiliation than having your own hot, salty cum in your View Set

Cuckolded Toilet Bitch

Cuckolded Toilet Bitch - 02 April 2016

So my slave wanted to serve me and my boyfriend, as my man had better things to do then be in the company of a lowly pig such as Minion Jonathan he left...

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Desperate Dan

Desperate Dan - 31 March 2016

Custom Clip:

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Cum Guzzling Encouragement

Cum Guzzling Encouragement - 29 March 2016

Today you are going to go the whole way. Your going to cum AND your going to eat every single drop. How many times have you got right to the point of taste...

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Deepining Your Addiction

Deepining Your Addiction - 26 March 2016

Femdom has consumed you. From that first moment of curiosity you have been hooked. There is really no escape but that is what you want, to be deep within...

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A Losers Valentines

A Losers Valentines - 24 March 2016

So that dreaded day, February the...

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Crack Addict

Crack Addict - 22 March 2016

You have been desperate for your next fix of my ass, you couldn't resist to click and buy this clip. Once glance at the preview and it has you drooling,...

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Crazy 4 My Cleavage

Crazy 4 My Cleavage - 19 March 2016

Your weakness for my cleavage is...

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A Dangerous Slipperly Slope

A Dangerous Slipperly Slope - 17 March 2016

What have you got yourself in to hey. Did you think it would devour you like this? Did you think it would completely consume your every thought?
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Crushed By Your Wife

Crushed By Your Wife - 15 March 2016

Hello Honey, I have a secret to tell you. I have super powers and well youve been really useless lately so I think I will just have to shrink you down...

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Bounded In Blackmail

Bounded In Blackmail - 12 March 2016

So we are here, you are at my feet in complete mercy. You lost yourself in a horny oblivion and sent over all that information you really didn't want to....

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Birthday Month Pleasing

Birthday Month Pleasing - 10 March 2016

It's my favourite month of the year. The month in which I was born, the month that you push yourself to the limit in servitude to impress me.
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Because I Can Rip Off

Because I Can Rip Off - 08 March 2016

It really is hilarious how easy it is to take cash from you. You work yourself to the bone to make ends meet, you push yourself further than your limits...

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