Encouring The Gay Boy

Encouring The Gay Boy - 17 September 2015

Admit it, you’re a little closet Gay Boy. You love to watch gay porn, it’s what gets you off. Face...

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Dominating Chris

Dominating Chris - 15 September 2015

Hi Can I see you standing over me looking downwith a strapon with lots of smirking and telling me (Chris) how much you love the power you have over...

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Finger Flipped Fuck Over

Finger Flipped Fuck Over - 12 September 2015

My middle finger holds so much POWER! It's sends grown men to their knees, turns them into whimpering little sluts. Iv'e drained bank accounts with just...

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Chastity Challenge Day 5

Chastity Challenge Day 5 - 10 September 2015

So, here's your challenge. 7 long days locked in chastity, teased to hell by me whilst following orders. Think you can do it?
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Brainwashed By Breasts

Brainwashed By Breasts - 08 September 2015

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Admit Your A Fag

Admit Your A Fag - 05 September 2015

I think it is about time you owned up and admitted...

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Boot Addiction

Boot Addiction - 03 September 2015

These sexy thigh high boots are just so sexy. Nice and tight, running all the way up to the my shapely thighs. One look at these on me you are going to...

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Be My Fattest Slave

Be My Fattest Slave - 01 September 2015

Hello you weak worthless cunt. You want to show your...

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Cum to cure your speech impediment

Cum to cure your speech impediment - 29 August 2015

Custom Clip:
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Black Stocking Joi

Black Stocking Joi - 27 August 2015

You must have di.ed and gone to heaven. My strong, powerful...

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Daily Worship

Daily Worship - 25 August 2015

This is how your day should start every single day. Opening this video, bowing down to your Goddess and staying on your knees...

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Festival Sneakers

Festival Sneakers - 22 August 2015

As many of you stalking weirdos already know, I went to a festival last weekend and wow did I have fun. Wearing my once white, brand new...

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Boob Obsessed

Boob Obsessed - 20 August 2015

Look at my top my boobs are just about kept in. Natural, round and amazing and turn you to a horny little mess. I love teasing you with my...

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Festive Feeding

Festive Feeding - 18 August 2015

Tis the season to get PLUMPER!

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Boot Humper

Boot Humper - 15 August 2015

How hot do I look in my long leather boots?...

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Denied - 13 August 2015

It is so much fun teasing you, edging you seeing that look of sheer desperation in your face. Seeing the preview you simply couldn't handle it, you didn't...

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