slap yourself

slap yourself - 06 September 2013

Hello loser, back to degrade yourself again are you? You can't get enough of my bitchiness can you! I want you to hurt yourself, I want you to slap yourself...

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pay for my nights out

pay for my nights out - 03 September 2013

Loser, you know I have an amazing lifestyle thanks to freaks just like you. Partying every night, sipping expensive champagne, dressed from head to toe...

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pink converse

pink converse - 30 August 2013

I love my girly pink Converse sneakers. I wear them all the time. Bought for me by one of my loyal servants I enjoy wearing them even more. They are fit...

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budget - 27 August 2013

I know you have been serving me very well over these last months and you have been a good obedient slave but you know that it is never simply enough. I...

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Fucking over the Popper Pig

Fucking over the Popper Pig - 23 August 2013

As you freaks just couldn't get enough of my recent Popper Intox clips I thought I would invite along two of my most manipulative bitchy friends in the...

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Nude Heels

Nude Heels - 20 August 2013

My brand new sexy Nude heels, aren’t they just so HOT! My long serving slave Nick had the privilege of taking me shopping this afternoon and these...

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Jerk Aim and Drink

Jerk Aim and Drink - 16 August 2013

You are an addicted little cum eater aren't you. Looking forward to your next little fix of spunk. Thinking of when you can fit in a secret wank and have...

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Jerk to MY Feet

Jerk to MY Feet - 13 August 2013

My feet make you so weak and so incredibly horny don't they loser! I know that you can help what goes on down stairs when you get a glimpse of my perfect...

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Eased into Cum Eating

Eased into Cum Eating - 09 August 2013

Eased Into Cum Eating HD You can't control yourself when you are knelt in front of myself and Princess Danielle. Two young hot British Princess' you...

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Drink it

Drink it - 06 August 2013

Hey loser you love jerking your dick to your Goddess don't you? Now you know that you don't really deserve to jerk don't you, you know that you are way...

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Lick my Boots

Lick my Boots - 02 August 2013

I love wearing boots, especially these Red PVC Thigh High boots. I also know how much you drool over me in my thigh high boots loser. So get your piggy...

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Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants - 30 July 2013

The female race are over taking the planet. Males are no longer required to pregnate women and they are either kept as slaves or wiped out in mass. And...

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Double Ignore - You don't even exist

Double Ignore - You don't even exist - 26 July 2013

You don't even exist HD Yes that's correct. You don't exist do you! Nope, you are nothing but a creepy little perverted loser to us glamorous dommes. As...

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Learn to Love Cock

Learn to Love Cock - 23 July 2013

Now, you have been doing very well slave. Serving me regularly and keeping me happy but you do know that you can never fully serve me until you have done...

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After Hours Drink

After Hours Drink - 19 July 2013

So, our friend let us stay late at the bar. All shut up for the night we decided to be our ever so caring selves and invite you over for a late night tipple!...

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Dirty Red Nike Sneakers

Dirty Red Nike Sneakers - 16 July 2013

My Red Nikes are literally covered in dirt and grime. They really could do with a wash but why would I do that when I have a slut of a slave to clean them...

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