Poppers Sissy Bitch

Poppers Sissy Bitch - 19 February 2019

Custom clip (No Names used)


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Tiny Gabrielle

Tiny Gabrielle - 16 February 2019

Mocking Gabrielle's tiny fucking micro cock.

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Blackmailed Blimp 2

Blackmailed Blimp 2 - 12 February 2019

Custom Clip:

We both know how easy...

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Breaking Your Heart

Breaking Your Heart - 05 February 2019

Looking down at you I'm going to tell you all about the guy I've been fucking at work who bullies...

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Brag Brag Brag Mp4

Brag Brag Brag Mp4 - 02 February 2019

Oh I do love to brag about how amazing I am, how wealthy I am and just how fabulous...

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Are You A True Slave

Are You A True Slave - 29 January 2019

This clip is going to set aside the true submissive from the fakes. You true blackmail...

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I Am Your Fetish

I Am Your Fetish - 26 January 2019

Ever since the moment you laid eyes on me I have been your fetish.  Everything...

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Welcome To England

Welcome To England - 22 January 2019

Custom Clip:

We're Americans and my...

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Lipstick Addict

Lipstick Addict - 19 January 2019

Custom clip: Name used 


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Plugged And Covered In Cum

Plugged And Covered In Cum - 15 January 2019

Custom clip:

You’ve told me...

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My Ass Ruins Your Marriage

My Ass Ruins Your Marriage - 12 January 2019

Since the first moment you laid your eyes on my ass you have struggled...

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Under The Cover

Under The Cover - 08 January 2019

I'm naked under these covers, how crazy does that make you.  I'm not going to show...

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Go Deeper For Me Addict

Go Deeper For Me Addict - 05 January 2019

Custom clip:

In this clip, I want...

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I Love Mindfucking You

I Love Mindfucking You - 01 January 2019

I own your mind. You are helplessly addicted. You can’t keep away. I own you bitch. I’ve...

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Stuck In A Pay Stroke Cycle

Stuck In A Pay Stroke Cycle - 29 December 2018

When is it ever going to end? This vicious pay stroke cycle you are deep within?...

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Sign Your Life Away

Sign Your Life Away - 25 December 2018

I have owned you since you walked in that door, how does it feel to know that I am your boss....

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