Love My Shiny Ass

Love My Shiny Ass - 21 October 2017

Why don't you come a bit closer loser. Take a good look at my shiny clad butt. Doesn't it look good, doesn't it look so damn tempting. I...

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Office Takeover

Office Takeover - 18 October 2017

The company that you've worked for your entire life has been forcibly taken over and the transition of power is occuring. You are summoned to the board...

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Pay My Bills

Pay My Bills - 14 October 2017

It's payday so it's the day you send over cash for my bills. I shouldn't have to pay a single thing in life nor lift a finger....

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Youre A Disgrace To Your Family

Youre A Disgrace To Your Family - 11 October 2017

Too right, they're ashamed of you. You are the black sheep of the family, the one they always 'forget' to mention, the s0n they wish they...

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Lick My Ass

Lick My Ass - 07 October 2017

You've dreamt of this on so many occasions. Awoken by a puddle of wet mess and the reality that it's never going to happen but only be a dream for you...

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Straight To Gay

Straight To Gay - 04 October 2017

Getting inside your head was so damn easy. Such a weakling, I corrupted you within seconds. Did you know yourself how much you truly desired cock? Does...

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She Has No Idea

She Has No Idea - 30 September 2017

Your wife is not a patch on me is she . Who makes you cum so hard ? ME . I know this , you know this . But does SHE know how your...

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Road To Self Ruin

Road To Self Ruin - 27 September 2017

How have you ended up here huh? You have no one to blame for this but yourself. You knew you were playing with but it didn't stop you,...

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Loser Virgin Joi

Loser Virgin Joi - 23 September 2017

You're STILL a virgin. How embarrassed and ashamed should you feel. You're nothing but a failure, a joke of man a pathetic virgin loser....

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Tits And Poppers

Tits And Poppers - 20 September 2017

Can you resist my tempting cleavage huh? Most definitely not. I want you high as you drool over my juicy tits. I want you hitting that bottle over and over and I...

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Stroke To My Black Fishnets

Stroke To My Black Fishnets - 16 September 2017

My tights cling to every single curve making your dick rage with excitement. My juicy ass, my cute pink toes and my shapely legs all ensure you are hanging...

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Online Banking Fun

Online Banking Fun - 13 September 2017

Hey loser i'm going to tease all your online banking passwords from you today. I'm going to empty your account before your very eyes. Can...

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Sucks To Me You

Sucks To Me You - 09 September 2017

I would hate to be you! Don't you hate yourself? If you don't you sure will after this clip. Belittling, abusing...

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Sissy Mind FUck

Sissy Mind FUck - 06 September 2017

You try your hardest to keep your sissy desires at bay. You fight with yourself to push those urges to the back of your mind and concentrate...

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Back For More

Back For More - 02 September 2017

Of course you're back for more. There is no staying away for you. I have you in my grasp and there is no other place you would...

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Ruled By My Tits

Ruled By My Tits - 30 August 2017

My big tits overpowered you from the second you laid your eyes on them. Round, juicy and natural, you were a slobbery mess that first time...

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