Sexless Cunt

Sexless Cunt - 29 January 2022

Have you accepted this yet, that your willy will never get wet. You will never get to experience just how satisfying and orgasmic it is to enter a nice...

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Shut Up And Pay

Shut Up And Pay - 26 January 2022

You're irrelevant.  I'm not interested in you, I don't care what it has taken you to get...

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Only Cum For Cock

Only Cum For Cock - 22 January 2022

This clip right here is heaven to you. Just what you needed, a nice dose of cock.

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Rileys Lipstick Addiction

Rileys Lipstick Addiction - 19 January 2022

Oh what a surprise. Riley is back for more.  Couldn't stay away huh.
How weak does it...

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Only Hard For My Ass

Only Hard For My Ass - 15 January 2022

My ass puts you in total trance. Trained and obsessed to be the perfect little submissive...

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Why You Are So Broke

Why You Are So Broke - 12 January 2022

I want to give you an insight into where all the copious amounts of cash I receive goes.  How...

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Programmed To Pay My Ass

Programmed To Pay My Ass - 08 January 2022

Your life will consist of begging to pay my ass, each and every day. You know nothing else and have programmed yourself to be...

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Turning Your Bank Account Red

Turning Your Bank Account Red - 05 January 2022

I love pushing you, seeing just how far you would go for my entertainment. Playing with your submissive...

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Making Debt A Reality

Making Debt A Reality - 01 January 2022

It's always been that go to thought each and every time you want to jerk off.  It turns you...

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The Lowest Of The Low Mean JOI

The Lowest Of The Low Mean JOI - 29 December 2021

It's time to face facts, face the hard honest truth.  It's you, every single word,...

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Rating Your Dick

Rating Your Dick - 25 December 2021

Oh what a time to be alive huh.


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Vaccay Babe

Vaccay Babe - 22 December 2021

Yup, another vacation for me. Honestly my life is like one big holiday but I do like to visit...

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Sexless Femdom Junkie 2

Sexless Femdom Junkie 2 - 18 December 2021

Right here is just where you want to be. In front of your computer, trousers around your ankles and me on your screen. Having real sex is something of...

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Hate Yourself For Paying

Hate Yourself For Paying - 15 December 2021

Oh you're just too stupid to stop.


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Jerk To My Shiny Blue Ass

Jerk To My Shiny Blue Ass - 11 December 2021

Hey addict, yes you drooling over there. Already on your knees, mouth wide open and absolutely...

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Intense Aroma Session

Intense Aroma Session - 08 December 2021

I am absolutely inundated with requests for these sessions.  So I thought it was only right...

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