Cancel The Wedding

Cancel The Wedding - 20 April 2022

What a stupid situation you have gotten...

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Aroma Escapism

Aroma Escapism - 16 April 2022

This little bottle takes you to places...

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Gay Is The Way

Gay Is The Way - 13 April 2022

It's the only way for the confused loser that you are.

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Boyfriend Turned Pet

Boyfriend Turned Pet - 09 April 2022

Look where we are now.

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Every Penny

Every Penny - 06 April 2022

Paying me feels you with such an adrenaline...

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Born A Loser

Born A Loser - 02 April 2022

It's true. You was born this...

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Good Boys Always Pays

Good Boys Always Pays - 30 March 2022

What do you think I’m interested in? What do you think makes me happy? Fucking cash and heap loads of it.   I get paid because I’m...

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Controlling Your Virginity

Controlling Your Virginity - 26 March 2022

Another year passes and you're still a...

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Call Off The Engagement Idiot

Call Off The Engagement Idiot - 23 March 2022

An Engagement... You went ahead and...

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Caught Watching Gay Porn

Caught Watching Gay Porn - 19 March 2022

Oops..caught red faced and totally...

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One Shot Cei

One Shot Cei - 16 March 2022

You're going to do it. Oh yes, it's going...

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Working And Jerking Your Life Away

Working And Jerking Your Life Away - 12 March 2022

As you look at me you can't help but feel totally inferior.  I make you feel weak, helpless and pathetic....

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You Dont Deserve A Dick

You Dont Deserve A Dick - 09 March 2022

It’s overwanked and nobody wants it. Why on hell do you think you deserve it...

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Sniff For Me Piggy

Sniff For Me Piggy - 05 March 2022

Oh I want you fucked up. I want to see you get so high. I want you to follow each and every hit...

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Your Loyalty Lies With Me

Your Loyalty Lies With Me - 02 March 2022

How have you got away with it for so long? I am surprised that she hasn't left you yet. I'm sure...

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Sniff For My Ass

Sniff For My Ass - 19 February 2022

I know how high you really like to get and I know how weak you are for my butt.

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