saturday night drink

saturday night drink - 28 December 2013

So, our friend let us stay late at the bar. All shut up for the night we decided to be our ever so caring selves and invite you over for a late night tipple!...

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xmas pin dick

xmas pin dick - 26 December 2013

So, it's that time of the year again. When we all make our Christmas list. Listing everything we have wanted all year round, the things we have dreaming...

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Pay for my vacations

Pay for my vacations - 24 December 2013

So, Loser! Myself and Lady Nina Leigh have arrived back from our vacation funded by you. Here is a clip I filmed whilst sunning myself up by the pool at...

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trainer sweat

trainer sweat - 21 December 2013

Wow, what a work out! Just finished the best work out with the hottest personal trainer around and boy did I work up a sweat. As I was in a rush this morning...

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You NEED Me - 19 December 2013

It's simple need me! Your life would not be worth living without me in it, would it? NO! I mean, who would you have to think about and...

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Pedro the small dick pool guy

Pedro the small dick pool guy - 17 December 2013

Pedro, my Spanish pool boy has been working for me for a number of years. He is small, chubby and clearly weak for a dominant women. I decide today that...

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Pathetic Cuck

Pathetic Cuck - 14 December 2013

You do know that your role in life is to serve me as my little cuckold bitch. You are not use to me in any other way, you do know that right? There are...

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pee drinker

pee drinker - 12 December 2013

Gross! You are sick. I know you would love to drink my P wouldn't you. My Goddess nectar. Yuk! You would love to be my human toilet. Every time I needed...

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suck toes like cock

suck toes like cock - 10 December 2013

I know how much you love my feet and your addiction to me is growing stronger and stronger haha! I also know just how to tease you with my feet that you...

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VIRGIN - 07 December 2013

You have never had a girlfriend and you never will! You will di.e a virgin. A sad fat disgusting virgin. Your small pointless dick has no use, you will...

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White Panty

White Panty - 05 December 2013

How hot do I look in these white full panties! The way they cling to my curvaceous ass, they just look perfect. Perfect to make a weak loser like you turn...

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Sweaty feet and Shoes

Sweaty feet and Shoes - 03 December 2013

You absolute loser. You would love to be my foot bitch wouldn't you! All I have to do is give you a little glimpse of my sweaty stiletto-clad feet and...

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Teasing those details

Teasing those details - 30 November 2013

Teasing those details out - Black.mail HD Teasing you with my curves, long raven hair and shapely breasts you will be in a frenzy, not thinking straight,...

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Teasing you to RUIN

Teasing you to RUIN - 28 November 2013

My love...PLASTIC! Yes, your plastic! This makes me very happy, having your brand new limitless credit card in my greedy hands. In fact, it makes me wet...

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Pimped by Jasmine

Pimped by Jasmine - 26 November 2013

Now, you have been doing very well slave. Serving me regularly and keeping me happy but you do know that you can never fully serve me until you have done...

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Useless Pin Dick

Useless Pin Dick - 23 November 2013

What the hell do you call that?! That is a useless piece of something. There is no use for 'that' at all. You couldn't satisfy anyone with that. To be...

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