Welcome to MY Manor

Welcome to MY Manor - 20 November 2012

Welcome Losers, feast your eyes on my manor.  As I show you around, showing you everything I have, everything that I deserve and not forgetting it...

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Tan Ugg Worship

Tan Ugg Worship - 13 November 2012

I wear my comfy uggs all the time and tonight is no different.  I have been wearing these all day and my feet are all nice and hot now.  So you...

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Under my Latex Ass

Under my Latex Ass - 09 November 2012

Hey loser, look at you down there on your puny knees.  Weak and desperate for any of my attention. Under my latex ass you really are loser!...

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You Love me and I Love your Money

You Love me and I Love your Money - 02 November 2012

It's the truth isn't it loser. Your money looks so much better in my greedy hands.  You work for me.  Your money is MINE. So hand it over!

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Powerful Legs

Powerful Legs - 30 October 2012

Get where you belong loser! Down there, on the floor, at myrnfeet. Know your place. Fixate your eyes on my long toned, muscular, powerfulrnlegs as I tease...

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Dirty Pig

Dirty Pig - 23 October 2012

You are gross, you belong in a pig sty.  Rolling around in utter dirt is where you feel most at home isn't it piggy.  As you know I love watching...

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Neighbour found out!

Neighbour found out! - 19 October 2012

Hey neighbour, we thought we would invite you over and get a bit of added help with our homework.  Oh, don't look so worried. We don't bite!...

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Real v's Pin Dick

Real v's Pin Dick - 12 October 2012

Haha you know which one you fall into maggot! Yes...Pin Dick! That's what you are and I love reminding you of this.  Your not a real man, far from...

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Barefoot Sniffer

Barefoot Sniffer - 09 October 2012

With my perfect soft soles just inches from your snout you are in foot heaven.  Perfect, petite size 4 feet.  You are here to worship them, every...

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Red Boot Giantess

Red Boot Giantess - 02 October 2012

Look at you, down there, small and pathetic! You think you can secretly perv on me?! Hell no! Prepare to feel the wrath of my red leather boots...prepare...

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The Finer Life

The Finer Life - 28 September 2012

My life is all about the finer things.  I mean what else! I am a Goddess and I deserve the best of the vest best.  Whilst sipping champagne....

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Inhale - 21 September 2012

I love to smoke and love to smoke even more when I have you here piggy as my little pet.  You are going to inhale all my secondary smoke.  I...

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Locked up

Locked up - 18 September 2012

I get so many messages from losers begging to have their pathetic limp dick locked up by me and i LOVE it! I love having full control over you. I want...

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Spitty Drink

Spitty Drink - 11 September 2012

I like to see just how much you losers like to degrade yourself for me. I mean, you must be thirsty right? Well I have a special drink for you, its called...

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Cucky - 07 September 2012

You simply don't measure up, you are pathetic excuse for a man.  So this is why I have no other reason to have you in my life unless you become my...

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Nina and Jasmine Foot Worship

Nina and Jasmine Foot Worship - 31 August 2012

You are in love with our soft creamy soles aren't you loser.  You simply can't get enough of them and now you have two of the most superior Dommes...

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