Born To Be My Pig

Born To Be My Pig - 13 August 2023

There was no other reason that you was put on this earth other than being my BACON BOYView Set

Cock Throbbing Honest Truths

Cock Throbbing Honest Truths - 06 August 2023

You know I never hold back in telling you just what I think of you but today, WOW!View Set

You Could Never Ever Quit Me

You Could Never Ever Quit Me - 30 July 2023

Welcome back.... You and I both knew it wouldn't be long.  You could never stay away, you know you was only...

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Forver At My Feet

Forver At My Feet - 18 June 2023

It's where you belong.  At my feet, at all times and waiting on my every word.
Chop chop peasant....I have plans for you!

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Stupid And Broke

Stupid And Broke - 11 June 2023

View Set

Feet Ignore

Feet Ignore - 04 June 2023

Drool like the little pervert you are as I film for my OF

Dream on foot boy!

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Stocking And Dangle JOI

Stocking And Dangle JOI - 28 May 2023

mmmmm look at my svelte toes sliding in and out of my peep toe heels.  Soft, stocking clad legs crossing and uncrossing, delicate ankles and strong...

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Does She Know

Does She Know - 21 May 2023

How long are you really going to try and keep this up?

Forever pretending that you 'love' your wife, you're faithful and you aren't CONSTANTLY...

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Exposing You

Exposing You - 14 May 2023

You have been creeping around for far too long. Trying your hardest to hide your crippling obsession and darkest...

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Born This Way

Born This Way - 07 May 2023

There really isn't anything you can do about it. You do know that, right?

You was born a LOSER.  It's in your DNA.  
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Loan Shark Edging

Loan Shark Edging - 30 April 2023

It's time to really delve deep into Financial Domination.  No more dipping your toe in and playing safe.  This time you are really going to...

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You Mean Nothing To Me

You Mean Nothing To Me - 23 April 2023

Do you realise that you mean nothing?
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Pervert Flip Off

Pervert Flip Off - 16 April 2023

Dirty old loser're back again. You can't stay away from luring over my hot, tight body. This is the...

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Greedy Greedy Boobs

Greedy Greedy Boobs - 09 April 2023

I know how weak you are for my tits and I love how they make you so so stupid. How many times have you splurged...

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Yup Bitch Boy

Yup Bitch Boy - 02 April 2023

Yup, you. Little BITCH Boy, get on your knees. Look right up at me. You know how I love to totally disgrace you. Spitting those horrid, nasty honest truths...

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You Love To Be Ripped Off By Me

You Love To Be Ripped Off By Me - 26 March 2023

Taking it ALL In one big hit really get's you going, Reminds you of your purpose in life and that is to pay me....

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