Addicted Aiman

Addicted Aiman - 03 July 2019

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Are you...

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Smothered By My Ass

Smothered By My Ass - 29 June 2019

Yes, that's where I want you.  Right down there, on your knees, looking up at my divine...

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Stay Weak For My Tits

Stay Weak For My Tits - 26 June 2019

 What is it you love so much about my tits?  The way they are perfectely round? naturally full? cute cleavage? or just because they...

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Thank Me For Making You A Loser

Thank Me For Making You A Loser - 22 June 2019

Before you found me you was one lost individual, falling from pillar...

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You Really Shouldnt Buy This

You Really Shouldnt Buy This - 19 June 2019

But of course you're going to aren't you.  You can't help but buy this clip,...

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Overpricing Is Sexy

Overpricing Is Sexy - 15 June 2019

I love how easy it is to just take from you.  Over charge, over price and just basically...

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Sissy Tom Iwc

Sissy Tom Iwc - 12 June 2019

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Start the clip by telling...

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Queen Bee

Queen Bee - 08 June 2019

Let’s get this straight here, I am the Queen Bee and you are my worker bees. ...

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Sensual Anal Masturbation

Sensual Anal Masturbation - 05 June 2019

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Hello Goddess Jasmine,...

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My Losers Will Eat Their Spunk

My Losers Will Eat Their Spunk - 01 June 2019

There's no question about it. You're going to do exactly as I say today. You're going to devour...

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Saturday Night

Saturday Night - 29 May 2019

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Can the whole clip...

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My Bfs Trainers

My Bfs Trainers - 25 May 2019

My Alpha Boyfriend has always been something you have dreamed of.  Strong, macho and well...

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Popper Cunt Martin

Popper Cunt Martin - 22 May 2019

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Can i please have a heavy...

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Milking Round 2

Milking Round 2 - 15 May 2019

You walk into the room, ordering me to "Wake up Edward!"  asking how my first night...

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Relentless Edging

Relentless Edging - 04 May 2019

I love controlling your every stroke.  Relentlessly edging you over and over.  I...

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7 Steps Of Slavery Sacrifrice

7 Steps Of Slavery Sacrifrice - 01 May 2019

I have whittled it down to 7 steps that if followed correctly would form you into the perfect...

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