Encouraging Your Addiction To Me

Encouraging Your Addiction To Me - 23 May 2018

Are you ready to submit to real hip nosis and utter bliss? Are you ready for your brain to be...

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Evil Mind Fuck

Evil Mind Fuck - 19 May 2018

You know I love fucking you up. Pushing you on each and every session. This is evil, this will most definitely leave you nose, a heap on the floor...

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Cry Baby Chris

Cry Baby Chris - 16 May 2018

Custom Clip:

A lipstick cuckolding fetish clip (again! :-). With some strapon...

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Dumb Loser For My Tits

Dumb Loser For My Tits - 12 May 2018

My tits make you ultra weak, round, captivating and completely overpowering. As much as you try to pry your eyes from my cleavage it...

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Encouraging Your Bbc Fantasy

Encouraging Your Bbc Fantasy - 09 May 2018

Big black cock reminds you of that a lowly loser you are. Your mouth waters and you have to stroke, as I tease you and humiliate you it feels...

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Do Not Cum

Do Not Cum - 05 May 2018

We both know I control your cock. Every single stroke is directed by me and that is exactly what is happening today. Teasing, edging and controlling your...

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Dr.u..g.g.3.d and Milked

Dr.u..g.g.3.d and Milked - 02 May 2018

Custom clip:

Please could u make a video where I wake up naked, arms, legs and...

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Dirty Old Pervert

Dirty Old Pervert - 28 April 2018

You disgusting old, disgusting pervert. This is where you spend all of your time, slobbering and drooling over hot girls you could never have....

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Drool For My Pantyhose

Drool For My Pantyhose - 25 April 2018

Try prize your eyes away from my tempting pantyhose clad body. It lures you in and makes you melt with excitement. Teasing you with my juicy...

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Edge Edge Edge

Edge Edge Edge - 21 April 2018

Who own's that fucking dick, ME, yes Me.

I own each stroke, I decide when you...

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Chastity For Beginner

Chastity For Beginner - 18 April 2018

You have always been curious about chastity.  What does it entail? Does it really turn...

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Dickhead Simon

Dickhead Simon - 14 April 2018

Custom Clip:

Tell me how you cheat regularly as i am a loser especially on my...

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Crave Blackmail Control

Crave Blackmail Control - 11 April 2018

You can't help but crave that control to feel totally overpowered by me. It's been your dream to give in, to send it over and to enjoy the ride...

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Fucking Pay Me Loser

Fucking Pay Me Loser - 07 April 2018

You're a loser therefore you will pay me today. You will not only pay for this clip but you will be considerably overcharged...

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Crack Addict For My Juicy Ass

Crack Addict For My Juicy Ass - 04 April 2018

It's your dr.u.g, your addiction is solely reliant upon my ass. You crave daily doses of my big, juicy ass. It makes you feel weak, you have to worship...

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Im Cheating On You

Im Cheating On You - 30 March 2018

I'm not going to break it to you gently, I'm just going to tell you the brutal honest truth and I really don't care...

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