Clip Addcition

Clip Addcition - 14 January 2016

This addiction has really got a hold of you. It rules your life. Every single thing in your life is centered around your huge addiction to View Set


Collared - 12 January 2016

This is what you have longed for, for so long. To have that collar fastened tight around your neck, to truly submit to your G0d and show what a true devotee...

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Your Needs

Your Needs - 09 January 2016

She doesn't get you like I do. She doesn't understand you nor your needs. She has never made you feel like I do and it's me you truly want. She is nothing...

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Beat That Dick

Beat That Dick - 07 January 2016

You know you are just a little play...

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Boot Worshiping Puppy

Boot Worshiping Puppy - 05 January 2016

Minion Jonathan at my feet where he belongs. I verbally taunt him for being a failure as a sexual being, for being a huge loser and a total Jasmine addict.View Set

True Blackmail

True Blackmail - 02 January 2016

There is one thing that I always keep to and that is my word. If you voluntary enter yourself into the world of View Set

Vicious Cycle

Vicious Cycle - 31 December 2015

You are in too deep, you pay, wank and pay some more, you wank some more until you cum. You explode and you are full of regret, you feel bad and swear...

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Ugly Fucking Loser

Ugly Fucking Loser - 29 December 2015

Yet another ugly, disgusting,...

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Your First BBC

Your First BBC - 26 December 2015

Black cock has always been a secret fascination of yours. It makes you feel inferior, weak and horny. You know you will never match up the superiority...

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Try Quit Me

Try Quit Me - 24 December 2015

How many times have you tried to walk away, quit mw...

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Try Resist Blackmail

Try Resist Blackmail - 22 December 2015

How many blackmail clips...

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Verbal Beatdown

Verbal Beatdown - 19 December 2015

You nothing more than a piece of and you deserve to be reminded of this daily. To hear those nasty, bitchy words from my pretty little lips breaks you...

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Worship Black Superior Cock

Worship Black Superior Cock - 17 December 2015

You obsession with the superior cock is no longer a secret. You fantasise about ebony dick, your worthless, non-existent dick is no comparison to the length,...

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You Work I Spend

You Work I Spend - 15 December 2015

It's pretty simple, you work in some -end, boring, dull, mind-numbing job to pay for MY life. I weaken your mind and trigger that desire to pay. To splurge...

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You Are A Failure

You Are A Failure - 12 December 2015

You are a joke, your existence is a joke. Do you think your parents are proud of their son or completely embarrassed of what you have become. A loser,...

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Wallet Destruction

Wallet Destruction - 10 December 2015

Teasing your cash from you is so easy and a whole lot of fun. To watch your eyes transfixed on my HOT, TIGHT body, your mind totally overpowered and your...

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