Losers Always Eat It

Losers Always Eat It - 11 November 2017

Being the loser that you are you know that eating your own cum is something you must do. The privilege of being able to orgasm comes at a cost and...

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Nude Louboutins

Nude Louboutins - 08 November 2017

Another pair of expensive heels to add to collection and how gorgeous do these look on my cute feet huh. Divine, powerful and sure to make you slobber...

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You Will Never Stop Paying Me

You Will Never Stop Paying Me - 04 November 2017

Your life will consist of begging to pay me each and every day. You know nothing else and have programmed yourself to...

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Month Of Jasmine

Month Of Jasmine - 01 November 2017

So you desperately ache to show me just how truly devoted you are to me. You want to be noticed and not lost in my herd of cattle. I have very...

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The Thrill Of Findom

The Thrill Of Findom - 28 October 2017

You're searching...looking for something. Something to get you off. Something to soothe that...

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Real Homewreck

Real Homewreck - 25 October 2017

Are you still sitting there gawping at my hot body. Shouldn't you be with wifey playing 'Happy families'? Of course that's the last place you want to be....

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Love My Shiny Ass

Love My Shiny Ass - 21 October 2017

Why don't you come a bit closer loser. Take a good look at my shiny clad butt. Doesn't it look good, doesn't it look so damn tempting. I...

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Office Takeover

Office Takeover - 18 October 2017

The company that you've worked for your entire life has been forcibly taken over and the transition of power is occuring. You are summoned to the board...

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Pay My Bills

Pay My Bills - 14 October 2017

It's payday so it's the day you send over cash for my bills. I shouldn't have to pay a single thing in life nor lift a finger....

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Youre A Disgrace To Your Family

Youre A Disgrace To Your Family - 11 October 2017

Too right, they're ashamed of you. You are the black sheep of the family, the one they always 'forget' to mention, the s0n they wish they...

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Lick My Ass

Lick My Ass - 07 October 2017

You've dreamt of this on so many occasions. Awoken by a puddle of wet mess and the reality that it's never going to happen but only be a dream for you...

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Straight To Gay

Straight To Gay - 04 October 2017

Getting inside your head was so damn easy. Such a weakling, I corrupted you within seconds. Did you know yourself how much you truly desired cock? Does...

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She Has No Idea

She Has No Idea - 30 September 2017

Your wife is not a patch on me is she . Who makes you cum so hard ? ME . I know this , you know this . But does SHE know how your...

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Road To Self Ruin

Road To Self Ruin - 27 September 2017

How have you ended up here huh? You have no one to blame for this but yourself. You knew you were playing with but it didn't stop you,...

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Loser Virgin Joi

Loser Virgin Joi - 23 September 2017

You're STILL a virgin. How embarrassed and ashamed should you feel. You're nothing but a failure, a joke of man a pathetic virgin loser....

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Tits And Poppers

Tits And Poppers - 20 September 2017

Can you resist my tempting cleavage huh? Most definitely not. I want you high as you drool over my juicy tits. I want you hitting that bottle over and over and I...

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