Junkie For Cum

Junkie For Cum - 27 October 2018

Eating your own cum has become normality to you. Tasting your own salty spunk dribble down the back on your throat excites you no end. A habit...

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Devistantinly Destractive

Devistantinly Destractive - 24 October 2018

 I distract you no end, tempting you away from you dull, boring vanilla life. I lure you deep within Femdom and it feels good. You forget about everything...

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Black Friday Losers Pay More

Black Friday Losers Pay More - 20 October 2018

Hahaha did you think you were in for a treat, a discount, something for free. Hell NO!

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Buy This Clip Is Youre A Fucking Loser Cunt

Buy This Clip Is Youre A Fucking Loser Cunt - 17 October 2018

Go on. Buy it. Accept it and embrace it. You're just so easy.

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Always Been My Addict

Always Been My Addict - 13 October 2018

Since the moment you first laid your eyes on me you have never looked back. In an instant you want my addict and always will be....

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Binge It Big

Binge It Big - 10 October 2018

You know what I love, it's when you spend big. When you blow your whole bank account on me in one hit, that makes me hot, it's makes me...

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Buy This Clip If Youre Still A Virgin

Buy This Clip If Youre Still A Virgin - 06 October 2018

WOWEEEEEE!  Nope. Of course I'm not surprised that you're STILL a VRIGIN....

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An Encouraging Drain

An Encouraging Drain - 03 October 2018

I encourage all those submissive tenancies to surface. Twisting and corrupting any sane thought that you may have. I make your dick rage and you are desperate...

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Born A Little Bitch

Born A Little Bitch - 30 September 2018

I bet your mother didn't know that she gave birth to a bitch rather than a 'male'.

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Beg To Be Ruined

Beg To Be Ruined - 26 September 2018

Beg for it, I know you ache for it so bad. To be totally and utterly ruined by me in every single way possible. Breaking...

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Addicted To Findom

Addicted To Findom - 22 September 2018

It really intrigued you and curiosity got the better. The first initial tribute sent a rush right through your body, you felt alive, you didn't really...

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Happy Bday To Me

Happy Bday To Me - 19 September 2018

Another year to be thankful for my presence. Another year that ensure I am showered in gifts, cash, tributes, huge clip orders and tons of worship.View Set

Beg To Pay My Ass

Beg To Pay My Ass - 15 September 2018

How hot does my big juicy ass get you huh. Nothing but a hot sweaty mess when I tease you this hard. Cute, round and so damn draining...

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An Orgasmic Dinner

An Orgasmic Dinner - 12 September 2018

Myself and Princess Samantha have the best idea for a nice, humiliating orgasmic dinner just for you. You have always dreamt of dining in...

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Addiction Is A Bitch

Addiction Is A Bitch - 08 September 2018

It's a bitch and it bites you on the bum regularly. Oh how did you end up so deep within Femdom. You really didn't see your obsession coming...

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All Mine

All Mine - 05 September 2018

You was all mine from the moment you set your eyes on me. You were captivated by my beauty and curiosity got the better of you. I love how...

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