Pig Cycle

Pig Cycle - 07 December 2019

You pay, you wank, you pay some more, you wank some more, you cum, you feel BAD, you swear to...

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Jerk And Swallow

Jerk And Swallow - 04 December 2019

What a lovely title you need to live up to.  You’re going to eat there is no question about it.  When I tell you to do something you wont...

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Nitrate And Wallet Abuse

Nitrate And Wallet Abuse - 30 November 2019

Today I’m going to completely fuck you up both physically and financially.  Your nose will be sore, burnt and bl00ded and your wallet penniless....

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My Keys Forever

My Keys Forever - 27 November 2019

Locked away you feel totally useless and filled with frustration. I have the key and I hold the power. Self control needed to be instilled and the only...

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Oiled Feet

Oiled Feet - 23 November 2019

Cum to my oiled soles.

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Jerk Like A Pig

Jerk Like A Pig - 20 November 2019

You make me fucking sick.  Everything about you repulses me and the fact that you simply...

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Monthly Review Forfeit Humiliation

Monthly Review Forfeit Humiliation - 16 November 2019

I’ve called you into the office today for your monthly review....

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It Scares You But Its Fun

It Scares You But Its Fun - 13 November 2019

I understand that the thought of blackmail excites View Set

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Mean And Greedy

Mean And Greedy - 09 November 2019

How much does it turn you on when I'm just myself.  View Set

Jacuzzi Tits

Jacuzzi Tits - 06 November 2019

Another vacation means another Jacuzzi and...

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Let The Neighbours Hear

Let The Neighbours Hear - 02 November 2019

Oh of course you're desperate to wank today. Seeing me in this hot outfit your bursting to explode...

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Jasmine Addiction Therapy

Jasmine Addiction Therapy - 26 October 2019

Welcome, I’m here to help you with your increasingly obvious View Set

My Feet Or Your Mother

My Feet Or Your Mother - 23 October 2019

Custom Clip:

Goddess starts by telling...

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My Cash Cunt

My Cash Cunt - 19 October 2019

You love it when I mutter that word 'CUNT' it makes you feel alive and totally degraded as you...

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Mindfucking James

Mindfucking James - 16 October 2019

Goddess! Please mindfuck me with po9p.pers the way only you can, and please include some sort of CEI. The rest I leave up to your devious imagination....

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Jerk To My Shiny Butt

Jerk To My Shiny Butt - 12 October 2019

How perfect does my ass...

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