Easy Homewreck

Easy Homewreck - 25 August 2018

It would be such an easy task in you leaving your wife. You are completely besotted by me that even the hint of leaving 'her' would be music...

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Eat It For My Pits

Eat It For My Pits - 22 August 2018

Don't my pits look so darn hot. Smooth, silky and they make you wanna eat your own cum, right?
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Beg For My Ass

Beg For My Ass - 18 August 2018

Beg for it. Beg for my big, juicy round ass to smother your ugly face. It overpowers you, the curves capture you...

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Guided Cei

Guided Cei - 15 August 2018

I'm going to guide you from start to finish and you will follow my every step. I will lead you down the humiliating, confusing path to eating your own...

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Addict For My Legs

Addict For My Legs - 11 August 2018

My muscular legs instant feel you with that Beta-male deflated, pathetic feeling. I am so powerful and dominating as I tower above you,...

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Commit Your Cock

Commit Your Cock - 08 August 2018

It's time you made a comment and committed your cock to me. The time has come for me to enforce some strict obedience and an attempt to...

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Buy This If You Are Still A Cunt

Buy This If You Are Still A Cunt - 04 August 2018

So you did the right thing and purchased the View Set

De3th By Ass

De3th By Ass - 01 August 2018

Take in my image.. Drink in the raw sensuality of me. I'm so close that you can feel the heat of my skin and the scent of my ass. This scent, this...

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Hit And Pay

Hit And Pay - 28 July 2018

I know with every single fucked up hit of that bottle you are nothing but a mere weakling for me. I can do whatever the hell I want and today...

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Here Doggy Doggy

Here Doggy Doggy - 25 July 2018

Get to your knees in submission immediately. I'm here to inflict some obedience, as you have no self control I will now train you into being...

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Greed Is Real

Greed Is Real - 21 July 2018

Did you think I was just 'pretending' or sugar coating my greedy bitchy ways?...

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Date Night With My Panties

Date Night With My Panties - 18 July 2018

Fantasising about my sweet pussy is a regular occurrence for you. Often wandering and aching to smell, taste and see my divine pussy....

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Always Been Gay

Always Been Gay - 14 July 2018

You've always been a secret little gay boy trying your hardest to hide the truth. Scurrying around getting your daily fix of cock....

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Female Supremacy

Female Supremacy - 11 July 2018

Women rule this world. Men are mere servants begging for any chance to be of use. Women are alpha, superior and hold an enormous amount of power in comparison...

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Fall Victim To My Greed

Fall Victim To My Greed - 07 July 2018

Yet again you really couldnt stop yourself from buying this clip.  There wasn't one part...

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Dangerous Blackmail

Dangerous Blackmail - 04 July 2018

You know it's dangerous but that just fuels your need to dive deep within. You know you are playing on treacherous grounds but that makes you...

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