Tiny Little Insignificance

Tiny Little Insignificance - 04 March 2017

I hate your ugly face and so you should you. I want you to degrade yourself, cum to the point of zero self worth that you cover your whole entire...

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Cum On Your Ugly Face

Cum On Your Ugly Face - 02 March 2017

I hate your ugly face and so you should you. I want you to degrade yourself, cum to the point of zero self worth that you cover your whole entire...

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Cuck Cleans Up

Cuck Cleans Up - 28 February 2017

Oh how you thought marriage life would be so different. You're kept in a cage in the cellar, treated like a d.0.g and made to do any degrading act demanded...

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Pathetic for my DD's

Pathetic for my DD's - 25 February 2017

They really make you feel pathetic, useless and completely dumb. Thinking straight is a thing of the past when your eyes are set firmly on my cleavage....

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A Humiliating Payrise

A Humiliating Payrise - 23 February 2017

You desperately need this payrise and will do anything in this world to do it right, anything.

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Me Vs Your Gf

Me Vs Your Gf - 21 February 2017

Why would you even bother comparing, you don't. It's simple, there is no comparison especially...

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An Endless Craving

An Endless Craving - 18 February 2017

I enjoy leaving you on the edge, desperately craving your very next fix of me. I am constantly on your mind, you cannot go one day, one hour...

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A Life Of A Findom

A Life Of A Findom - 16 February 2017

Have you ever wondered exactly what the life of a Findom actually consists of?

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Hard For My Abuse

Hard For My Abuse - 14 February 2017

How hard does it make you when you feel the wrath of my brutal tongue. When I verbally abuse and crush you down to a nothing. Stripping you of any dignity,...

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My Greed Makes You Hard

My Greed Makes You Hard - 11 February 2017

Admit it, my greed makes you uncontrollable hard. The more I take the harder you become, paying me is the only way to get your horny feeling....

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Virgin Boy Mark

Virgin Boy Mark - 09 February 2017

Custom Clip:

Hi Goddess, i really enjoyed the last clip i ordered (4 Eyed Virgin...

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Keys Hold The Power

Keys Hold The Power - 07 February 2017

Locked away you feel totally useless and filled with frustration. I have the key and I hold the power. Self control needed to be instilled and the only...

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Jerk To My Zip

Jerk To My Zip - 04 February 2017

My zip will control your stroke, you move your hand on each motion of the zip. My shiny dress clings to my curves ensuring you are a slobbering...

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Titty Tease

Titty Tease - 02 February 2017

Don't my tits just make you melt. Your eyes widen and they take your mind to places you have never been before. They...

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Extreme Debt

Extreme Debt - 31 January 2017

I'm not interested in 'normal' Financial Domination. It bores me, the slow, repetitious draining becomes tedious. I want big deposits, large tributes that...

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Sniff That Bottle

Sniff That Bottle - 28 January 2017

This bottle is your escape from your harsh reality of being a loser. It takes you to a place where you feel comfort, you feel good and you so horny. As...

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