Spoil My Tits

Spoil My Tits - 08 November 2016

My tits make you want to spend, one peek and you are reaching for your credit card. My curvaceous chests urges you to self destruct,...

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Twisted Cei

Twisted Cei - 05 November 2016

As if eating your own cum isn't disgusting and degrading enough. This is the most twisted, revolting, self degrading act you could you possibly do...

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Rope And Pull

Rope And Pull - 03 November 2016

I love to see you dress like in clips "Snowball CEI" or "Go GAY for ME". Before I watch, I must play a your denied video, to be hot. YThen I must tie my...

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Black Shiny Seduction

Black Shiny Seduction - 01 November 2016

You can't explain what it does to you but my curves shiny clad body instantly weakens you. That shine glisten with my every move, the way it...

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Summertime Pending

Summertime Pending - 29 October 2016

It's looming, summer is only around...

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Try Resist Me

Try Resist Me - 27 October 2016

You could never in a million year resist me, you are far too inferior, weak and totally addicted for that, yet you try so hard. You fight with yourself...

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Sell Your Ass

Sell Your Ass - 25 October 2016

Without a big bulging wallet you...

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Fag For Poppers

Fag For Poppers - 22 October 2016

Inhaling Akyll Nitrates is your escape. It's your route to fulfil all your deepest, darkest fantasies like cock.
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Controlling Your Finances

Controlling Your Finances - 20 October 2016

You crave to be financially controlled to be budgeted by your Goddess. To be left with the bare neccestaies to get you through whilst I lead a life of...

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Baby James

Baby James - 18 October 2016

You are sitting in your white chair...

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Coerced To Be A Sissy

Coerced To Be A Sissy - 15 October 2016

You are a far cry away from a 'man' so therefore there is only one thing for you and that is to completely...

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7k Tribute

7k Tribute - 13 October 2016

You boys always ask how to create...

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Under The Influence

Under The Influence - 11 October 2016

Being under the influence really brings out your submissive tendencies. Your weaker than ever and aching to be toyed with. One way of ensuring...

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My Money Machine

My Money Machine - 08 October 2016

Hello my little money machine, have you come to spend more on me. I do enjoy taking your cash, the feeling of taking your hard earned cash makes...

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Enslaved By My Legs

Enslaved By My Legs - 06 October 2016

My legs are strong, muscular and powerful. They crush you mentally instantly and would definitely crush you physically. They make you weak, they...

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Risk It For Me

Risk It For Me - 04 October 2016

I love fucking with you, teasing...

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