Dirty Red Nike Sneakers

Dirty Red Nike Sneakers - 16 July 2013

My Red Nikes are literally covered in dirt and grime. They really could do with a wash but why would I do that when I have a slut of a slave to clean them...

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The Dick Comparison

The Dick Comparison - 15 July 2013

This clip is perfect for all you pathetic maggot dick losers! I compare your small limp, lifeless dick to a real mans big thick dick...i know what i would...

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Double Nylon Foot Treat

Double Nylon Foot Treat - 15 July 2013

Faced with TWO of the hottest British Dommes you really are a lucky little slut. Our soft perfect nylon covered legs and feet ready to be worshiped. Myself...

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Jacuzzi Foot Worship

Jacuzzi Foot Worship - 15 July 2013

Relaxing in my Jacuzzi is a perfect time for you to worship my perfect soles. You know you love them and simply cannot get enough of them. I love to manipulate...

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Power of the Keyholder

Power of the Keyholder - 15 July 2013

Look at these keys? Powerful aren't they! Dangling them right in front of you is so frustrating isn't it. They hold so much control over you. Your dick...

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Leave the HAG

Leave the HAG - 15 July 2013

Look at these keys? Powerful aren't they! Dangling them right in front of you is so frustrating isn't it. They hold so much control over you. Your dick...

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Lard Ass

Lard Ass - 15 July 2013

Hey Loser, today you are going to follow my every instruction. Today you are going to start a new life, a new diet. My 'Lard Ass' diet. As you have been...

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Friday night forced intox

Friday night forced intox - 15 July 2013

Oh no, it's a Friday night and your in on your own AGAIN! haha Whilst were out with real men, well hung men, something you will never be! The LOSER that...

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FORCED CEI - 28 June 2013

So, your curios right? I thought so. You know your a freak, you definitely know you are abnormal. The thought of wanking your dick and swallowing your...

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Foot Bitch

Foot Bitch - 25 June 2013

Become my bitch, in fact the lowest of the low.  My foot bitch!

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Double Small Dick Humiliation

Double Small Dick Humiliation - 21 June 2013

Myself and Mistress Elle was just talking about how me HATE small dicks, pathetic little so called 'men' who just have oversized clits...So we made this...

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Draining you is so EASY

Draining you is so EASY - 18 June 2013

Hey there, back again are we. You can't stay away from my clip store. Always browsing, tempted to find out more. I know you have been...

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Jasmine and Nina's Ass Addict

Jasmine and Nina's Ass Addict - 14 June 2013

Jasmine and Nina's Ass Addict HDSo, you thought that you could secretly perv on us, did you?! Well you though wrong! Back again, we knew you couldn't get...

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Stocking Pig

Stocking Pig - 11 June 2013

Myself and the gorgeous Ceara Lynch ( ) have the most amazing feet. We get so many of your little piggies wanting to worship...

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Be my foot boy

Be my foot boy - 07 June 2013

Down there at my feet, where you belong! Yes, you are a freak. You love my feet more than life itself!haha pathetic! I leave you down there on all fours...

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Butt Paying Addict

Butt Paying Addict - 04 June 2013

You love my perfect juicy behind don't you Loser. You can't help but jerk your little wank stick to my shapely ass.

So today,...

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