Go broke for US

Go broke for US - 18 May 2012

Myself and Princess Portia show off our lump sum tribute. We really do love cash, lots of cash, especially your hard earned cash! Playing with the money...

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Shower Ignore

Shower Ignore - 15 May 2012

You are the lowest of the low. Do you really think you deserve my attention? Hell no, but I know you will get off on this video. Being the little pervert...

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Lingerie - Tease and Denial

Lingerie - Tease and Denial - 08 May 2012

I know just how much you crave seeing me, how deeply you are addicted to my perfection.  As i slowly and seductively writhe around in my skimpy lingerie...

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Mr Limpy Locked Up

Mr Limpy Locked Up - 01 May 2012

Yuk your disgusting lifeless cock is gross. You do know that your cock belongs to us now, we own you and your pathetic little manhood. We humiliate and...

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Gym Slave

Gym Slave - 23 April 2012

Myself and Princess Melissa have come back from a long workout. We have been on a long run and are so hot and sweaty and decide to have some...

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Princess' Sweaty Work out

Princess' Sweaty Work out - 17 April 2012

Myself and Princess Portia love working out so when we arrive back from our long run we decide to take full advantage of you freaks that love sweaty socks...

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CB6000 - 13 April 2012

Now, Myself and Perfect Princess Portia have a very important message for you freaks. So, we both want you to buy this clip and listen very carefully and...

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Two Perfect Asses

Two Perfect Asses - 06 April 2012

Myself and Perfect Princess Portia have both noticed your little piggy eyes drooling over our perfect figures, our perfect feet and NOW Our perfect asses....

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We wear heels BIGGER than your dick

We wear heels BIGGER than your dick - 30 March 2012

Yuk! This is a FACT! It's true and there is no escaping it.  So we decide to have fun and mock you for being so inadequate and quite clearly...

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Animal Antics

Animal Antics - 23 March 2012

Slaves are animals.  You are all part of my farm haha! Myself and Princess Samantha love humiliating you, mocking you just for our pure entertainment...

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Pimped out Piggy

Pimped out Piggy - 16 March 2012

You want to serve me? But you are a broke ass Loser?! Well, you are no fucking use to me are you freak! So I will help you out, as you are quite obviously...

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Setting it straight

Setting it straight - 13 March 2012

Baby im just going to say it straight, no holding back.  It's about time you knew, well im sure you probably know already BUT you really aren't doing...

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Prissy Sissy

Prissy Sissy - 09 March 2012

Your not a man you don't have a normal sized penis do you! You have a little clitty. YUK! So, we think it's about time you embraced this and about time...

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Ass Kisses for Goddess Jasmine

Ass Kisses for Goddess Jasmine - 06 March 2012

Well thank you for buying me this sexy lingerie, it's so hot isn't it?! The way it clings to my curves, shows off my amazing perfect cleavage. Well...

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Stupid Boot Freak

Stupid Boot Freak - 28 February 2012

Do you think arriving at your session 15 minutes late, I am going to greet you smiling?! No, I didn't think so! So, I will show why turning up this late...

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Sissy Panty Slut

Sissy Panty Slut - 21 February 2012

So, Sissy! I want you to buy a pair of my worn panties. You know how to do it! Then, once you receive your little package I want you to take...

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