You Need To Pay Me

You Need To Pay Me - 29 October 2022

It's your purpose, your reason and why you was put on this earth. In fact it is the only thing you strive so hard to be good at. Paying me over and...

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Taste It For Me

Taste It For Me - 25 October 2022

You will taste it and you will love it. The most humiliating and degrading task which is perfect for the jerk off junkie you have become. Gross, disgusting...

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Suck Cock For My Tits

Suck Cock For My Tits - 22 October 2022

I know how weak my tits make you. How they encourage you to do things you never thought you would. Like sucking cock, any cock, countless amounts...

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No More Fucking Wifey

No More Fucking Wifey - 18 October 2022

You don't want to fuck her anyway. It's only a pity fuck to mask your guilt. All you do is fantasise about me, jerk off to me, save your cum for...

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My Life Of Luxury

My Life Of Luxury - 15 October 2022

There is nothing I enjoy more than bragging about my life. Boasting with all the details of my luxury life. All the expensive filled days, all the...

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White Stocking JOI

White Stocking JOI - 11 October 2022

Jerk yourself senseless to my perfect nylon clad feet and legs. Drool like a horny weak bitch. Lose yourself in this clip.  Go deeper down the...

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Say Goodbye To Wanking

Say Goodbye To Wanking - 08 October 2022

Back again, with your hand wrapped firmly around your over-walked cock. It's time to part ways, to say goodbye to your crippling obsession with fucking...

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Jerk To My Tits

Jerk To My Tits - 04 October 2022

Just what you needed. A nice big dose of my deliciously perfect tits for you to jerk yourself totally senseless and deeper into an oblivion of addiction....

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Hand Humper For Life

Hand Humper For Life - 01 October 2022

It's all you were and are worth. A useless stroke addict who's pumping his worthless life away. Hooked, totally besotted in obsession. A non existent...

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I Am A Beta Bitch Mantra

I Am A Beta Bitch Mantra - 27 September 2022

It's simple.  It's time you admit who you truly.  Accept your reality. What are you? Tell me again, repeat after me and stroke your useless pathetic...

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Its Hot When Your In Debt

Its Hot When Your In Debt - 24 September 2022

Do you know what really turns me on, i mean really gets me HORNY. It's you in debt, deep in debt, drowning in financial sorrow and wallowing in financial...

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Envious Of My Bfs BBC

Envious Of My Bfs BBC - 20 September 2022

Well if you didn't already feel worthless and completely jealous, you certainly will after this clip. You envy my Boyfriend at the best of times...

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It Never Ends

It Never Ends - 17 September 2022

It will never end and that feels you with such happiness. Knowing you will be hooked on me right till the bitter end is the best feeling possible....

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Add To My Property Portfilio

Add To My Property Portfilio - 13 September 2022

How does it feel, to be sat in your bed-sit surrounded by dirty cum rags watching your Goddess in her amazing home.   One of many properties...

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Hand Fucking Your Life Away

Hand Fucking Your Life Away - 10 September 2022

Wow Jerking has took over your whole life. Have you realised how obsessed you are and how you are truly hand fucking your life away?! Sitting in...

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Born To Be Drained

Born To Be Drained - 06 September 2022

This was the only way of life for you. Born a slave, a beta male who MUST pay hot beautiful women. Being a lowly Pay Pig really gives your life some purpose...

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