Worship My Boyfriend's Socks

Worship My Boyfriend's Socks - 13 September 2014

Yes, you read correct. My boyfriends dirty stinky socks just inches from your snout. I have had numerous desperate emails for just one little...

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Chastity Challenge Day 7

Chastity Challenge Day 7 - 11 September 2014

So, you have managed to get to the 7th day of your Chastity Challenge. Your balls swollen and aching for release. You have ANOTHER 24 hours...

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Bitchy Girlfriend

Bitchy Girlfriend - 09 September 2014

I have a special request if that's ok with you! I would love to see you play my bitchy girlfriend going away for the week with your...

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Femdom Addict

Femdom Addict - 06 September 2014

Wow, you are back again. I cant say I am surprised. Your addiction to Femdom Porn is getting pretty intense. It's what really gets...

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perv in park

perv in park - 04 September 2014

You little perv, hiding in the bushes trying to listen into our conversation. Don't think for one minute that we don't know...

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take over part 2

take over part 2 - 02 September 2014

So, were back and we have a brand new contract in hand haha! Oh look at your face, all worried, wondering what on earth this contract involves. Well of...

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Humiliated by your Boss

Humiliated by your Boss - 30 August 2014

Your called to your boss'...

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loser dresses jasmine

loser dresses jasmine - 28 August 2014

Well, Loser I am going to a Fetish Party tonight and I think I should put you to some use. Let you out of your cage in the corner for an hour to assist...

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loser foot boy

loser foot boy - 26 August 2014

Hey loser, you like feet right?! Well you will love our perfect pedicured petite feet. Myself and Princess Portia tease you with our toes, soles and tops...

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loser symbol

loser symbol - 23 August 2014

Hey there loser,...

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make me a millionaire

make me a millionaire - 21 August 2014

Let's face it you are just one of many hopelessly addicted freaks. One look at me and you NEED to serve. After all you know I deserve it ALL. I am a high...

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mona sissy

mona sissy - 21 August 2014

Myself and Princess Melissa are off out for a well deserved night out on the town with our girlfriends paid for by our addicted freaks, of course! We decide...

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My Valentines Day V's Loser's Valentines Day

My Valentines Day V's Loser's Valentines Day - 19 August 2014

Happy Valentine's Day Loser.View Set

i own your wife

i own your wife - 16 August 2014

Did you seriously think you could keep all your 'extra interests' a secret from your wife all this time?...

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Accept It

Accept It - 14 August 2014

Well Honey, I have something to tell you... I bet you could see this coming as we haven't had sex for a very long time BUT I have been fucking lots of...

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Red Lips

Red Lips - 12 August 2014

If you thought you had the will power to resist a pair lips in the past, think again! Your time has come and you will now cave in! Prepare to get weak,...

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