Lost in a head fuck

Lost in a head fuck - 12 August 2020

You are constantly looking for any opportunity to lose yourself, forget who you really are and...

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Yellow Tights

Yellow Tights - 08 August 2020

Look at what my tights do to you.  Look at that big bulge between your legs, look at what a mess you become and notice how you can’t...

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Taste It Today

Taste It Today - 05 August 2020

Go on, it won't harm. Who knows where it could lead huh? What are you scared of? Scared that you might love it, love the taste,...

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Stroke To Losing It All

Stroke To Losing It All - 01 August 2020

You often stroke to the possibility of losing it all, to spend all your cash on a Goddess who doesn't...

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Total Pervert For My Tits

Total Pervert For My Tits - 29 July 2020

My huge natural titties completely over power you. They are your life. They are everything to...

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Punish Your Balls 2

Punish Your Balls 2 - 25 July 2020

Oh do I enjoy inflicting pain upon your puny balls. I hate them even more than...

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Wormboy - 22 July 2020

So heavily addicted. Your life is well and truly absorbed by your obsession with me. Everything...

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The Best Day Of Your Virgin Life

The Best Day Of Your Virgin Life - 18 July 2020

In this clip I’m the young  virgin boy and your the older milf of my best...

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Welcome To Findom

Welcome To Findom - 15 July 2020

So you've heard about money slavery? Wondering why on earth guys would pay young, high maintenance...

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Total Toilet Humilition Task

Total Toilet Humilition Task - 11 July 2020

This whole clip is centred around your grotty, dirty toilet.  Following my instructions...

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Stare And Spend On My Tits

Stare And Spend On My Tits - 08 July 2020

Wow well if you though the sight of my tits mucked with you mentally then I think...

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Total Fucking Loser

Total Fucking Loser - 04 July 2020

Admit it, you know exactly what you are.  There's no hope in shrugging it off you may as...

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Stroke It To Your Cock Addiction

Stroke It To Your Cock Addiction - 01 July 2020

You are so obsessed with me that there is literally nothing that you would not do for my attention....

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Vore Vacation

Vore Vacation - 27 June 2020

Guess what you're going on vacation! The only problem is you're not going to like where you're going. I want to shrink you down. Once I have...

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The Cunt Returns

The Cunt Returns - 24 June 2020

What does that word do to you? Especially when it comes from my pretty little lips it most certainly brings out the inner fool within. ...

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Timing Each Hit

Timing Each Hit - 20 June 2020

Instructing you to sniff those Akyll Nitrates and watching you getting higher and weaker which each hit brings...

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