Wallet Fucking Only

Wallet Fucking Only - 24 May 2017

The ONLY thing I will ever be fucking is your wallet. I like a nice thick, juicy full wallet and I love draining it dry of every...

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Youre Dumped

Youre Dumped - 20 May 2017

Haha your dumped you fucking idiot. I'm not going to be nice about it and skirt around the subject, I'm going to be honest, tell your hard truth...

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Total Tit Rip Off

Total Tit Rip Off - 17 May 2017

Hey LOSER buy this overly priced rip off clip because I told you to. Drool over my tits you will never have but will drain your bank account and balls...

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Unable To Say No

Unable To Say No - 13 May 2017

Today I will train your mind to never mutter that stupid word, NO. You will listen to my powerful words carefully and follow my...

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Zero Self Control

Zero Self Control - 10 May 2017

It's something you haven't quite grasped, the art of self control. Your hand is attached to your dick 24/7 and you know nothing else. Chastity is the only...

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Ysl Heels

Ysl Heels - 06 May 2017

I love wearing expensive designer heels and my new YSL heels are just...

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We Own Your Wallet Ft Princess Samantha

We Own Your Wallet Ft Princess Samantha - 03 May 2017

You know the financial devestation...

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Blimp 2 New

Blimp 2 New - 29 April 2017

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Sell Your Soul For Addiction

Sell Your Soul For Addiction - 26 April 2017

Did you really think you would be led down the garden path this far? To the point that you would sell the shirt on your back to feed your addiction. You...

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Middle Finger Fucking Loser

Middle Finger Fucking Loser - 22 April 2017

Hey loser how hard do you get over my middle finger huh? Every time I flip you off you over taken with crazy horninness. How fucking pathetic!...

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Rolex Daytona

Rolex Daytona - 19 April 2017

Worship my Steel and Gold Rolex Daytona.  Teasing you with value of this expensive...

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I Drive You Wild

I Drive You Wild - 15 April 2017

I cause sleepless nights and havoc to your mind. You have never felt excitement like this before and it is totally overwhelming. My curves take your imagination...

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Ruin It All Slut New

Ruin It All Slut New - 12 April 2017

I have not been eating my cum when told so i must be punish I start with a ring gag on jerking you give me 10 secs to cum I must ruin it wipe my cum on...

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A Losers Weekend

A Losers Weekend - 08 April 2017

Hey Loser no plans for this weekend yet again huh. Another lonely night in filled with the company of my clips? Good.
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Popping The Big Blimp

Popping The Big Blimp - 05 April 2017

You laugh and say 'You've been watching too many of my videos. All of that sexual energy has nowhere to go and you've blown up into a big round helpless blimp....

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I Love Ripping You Off

I Love Ripping You Off - 01 April 2017

It's simple I LOVE doing it and I'm pretty damn good at it.

So you're going...

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