Inferior Cuck David

Inferior Cuck David - 09 July 2016

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Ignored Abused And Ripped Off

Ignored Abused And Ripped Off - 07 July 2016

Such a weak, addicted mess you ache...

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Frienzoned Forever

Frienzoned Forever - 05 July 2016

Have you accepted it yet huh? Have you accepted that you will always be the 'friend' to these girls. The loser that never even gets to first base as he...

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Mocking Joi

Mocking Joi - 02 July 2016

You deserve humiliation, you deserve to hear exactly what a piece of you are and you deserve to cry into your dick as you wank.
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Lipstick Bullying

Lipstick Bullying - 30 June 2016

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It Will Never End

It Will Never End - 28 June 2016

Has it dawned on you yet? It's been years now. You keep telling yourself you will walk away... Your addiction to femdom and humiliation has resulted in...

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Lose Your Self

Lose Your Self - 25 June 2016

You are constantly looking for any opportunity to lose yourself, forget who you really are and embrace your inner submissiveness....

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Eurphoric Orgasm

Eurphoric Orgasm - 23 June 2016

Custom Clip - No names used.

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Coerced Bi Joi

Coerced Bi Joi - 21 June 2016

Look what I have here, lots and lots of DICK and I know how that makes your perverted mind feel.
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Forever Mine

Forever Mine - 18 June 2016

It started out with purchasing a clip out of curiosity and look where you are now. Desperately aching to be completely owned you want nothing more than...

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Everytime Cei

Everytime Cei - 16 June 2016

Every single time you stroke there is only one ending for you and that is to clean up after your disgusting self and as a stroke addict you have a constant...

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Loser Reality Check

Loser Reality Check - 14 June 2016

You really need to hear the brutal honest truth, you need to know exactly what you are, how irrelevant, how low you are and how much I hate you.
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High And Controlled

High And Controlled - 11 June 2016

nhaling Akyll Nitrates is your escape from reality. To get high and horny you forget just what a huge loser you really are. Teasing, tormenting and controlling...

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Lost In Mind Fuck

Lost In Mind Fuck - 09 June 2016

You are constantly looking for any opportunity to lose yourself, forget who you really are and embrace your inner submissiveness. Getting high on...

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Financial Control

Financial Control - 07 June 2016

Financial control is what really makes your dick hard. The feeling of being totally controlled pleases your soul no end. To be given a budget,...

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Happy Birthday Nick

Happy Birthday Nick - 04 June 2016

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