Relentless Edging

Relentless Edging - 04 May 2019

I love controlling your every stroke.  Relentlessly edging you over and over.  I...

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7 Steps Of Slavery Sacrifrice

7 Steps Of Slavery Sacrifrice - 01 May 2019

I have whittled it down to 7 steps that if followed correctly would form you into the perfect...

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100 To Cum

100 To Cum - 27 April 2019 PAY.  

Cum TAX...

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I Will Control Each And Every Stroke

I Will Control Each And Every Stroke - 24 April 2019

This is what you think it is....a relationship. Me and you.  Your online girlfriend....

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Head Fuck

Head Fuck - 20 April 2019

oh wow, are you ready for this.


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My Big Black Bf Lewis

My Big Black Bf Lewis - 17 April 2019

**Custom Clip**

Could you be my work...

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Gabriele Cunt

Gabriele Cunt - 13 April 2019

It's hilarious, you cannot get enough can you! How many customs have you ordered now?! Each and every one of them leaving you desperate for more. Does...

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You Will Cum To Bbc

You Will Cum To Bbc - 10 April 2019

There is no denying what BBC does to you. Wow, you can't contain your excitement can you!

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Rejected Your Whole Life

Rejected Your Whole Life - 06 April 2019

Imagine being you.  Going through your whole lifetime being rejected,...

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Pay For My Attention

Pay For My Attention - 03 April 2019

Oh yes I will be finishing the year off with one of my favourite clips where you thank for in...

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Hot For My Tits

Hot For My Tits - 30 March 2019

It's unexplainable just what my tits do to you.  Instantly turning you to...

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Pink Lips For Riley

Pink Lips For Riley - 27 March 2019

Humiliate me any way you wish whilst applying hot pink lips.

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Love The Taste Of Your Cum

Love The Taste Of Your Cum - 23 March 2019

I mean what has to be the lowest of the low? It's got to be eating your own cum.  I mean you don't even deserve the fresh cum of another...

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Ass Fix

Ass Fix - 20 March 2019

Just what you need right.  A big fat dose of my big beautiful ass.

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Paris Trip

Paris Trip - 16 March 2019

Starting 2019 off with one of my clips I produced whilst on one of my many trips.

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You Fucking Cunt

You Fucking Cunt - 13 March 2019

Custom Clip:


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