Shoe Dangle

Shoe Dangle - 24 January 2014

Custom Clip:I was hoping for a clip of you dangling one of your shoes and dropping that show showing your barefoot. I would also like to see you stand...

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Our Men

Our Men - 23 January 2014

Myself and Princess Samantha have HOT men, REAL men. I mean what else would you expect. We are gorgeous young rich women, we have men falling at our feet....

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Orgasm Denial

Orgasm Denial - 21 January 2014

Teasing you into submission is what I do best. Making you so horny and pathetic is what I enjoy. Manipulating that weak mind is so much fun. In my tight...

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Panty Freak

Panty Freak - 18 January 2014

So you've admitted your a loser. Addicted to wanking to my clips wearing those pathetic panties. So do it properly, humiliate yourself for me. Buy my worn...

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Ass Milking

Ass Milking - 16 January 2014

I know just how much you love things up your ass you dirty little freak! You are just so predictable. You probably stick something up there every time...

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Love my ASS

Love my ASS - 14 January 2014

Hello ass addict. I know that one glimpse of my perfectly round but is all you need. I know just how to tease you with my pert behind. You...

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office cucked

office cucked - 11 January 2014

You can't bring yourself to leave me, so in love, so addicted you now become my cuckold slave. I decide to bring you into my office and show you exactly...

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Toilet Bitch

Toilet Bitch - 07 January 2014

I have decided to keep you behind after your session as I want to see just how much you want to impress me as my new slave tonight as I know how desperate...

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Give in Nick

Give in Nick - 04 January 2014


Here's the Challenge. Can you defeat and break and humiliate me and turn me into your Cum slut ?
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RUINING you New Year Resolutions

RUINING you New Year Resolutions - 02 January 2014

So, we are now into March, three months since New Years Eve when you promised yourself you would start the new year a whole new 'man' ha.
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Superior in Every WAY!

Superior in Every WAY! - 12 December 2013

Welcome Losers. This is what your life consists of....worshiping ME! You are completely inferior to such a powerful Goddess like me. The thought of my...

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My tits make you do ANYTHING

My tits make you do ANYTHING - 31 December 2013

My huge pert breasts turn you into a mushy little loser. Completely you into doing anything. Rubbing my hands all over them, those hard nipples poking...

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saturday night drink

saturday night drink - 28 December 2013

So, our friend let us stay late at the bar. All shut up for the night we decided to be our ever so caring selves and invite you over for a late night tipple!...

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xmas pin dick

xmas pin dick - 26 December 2013

So, it's that time of the year again. When we all make our Christmas list. Listing everything we have wanted all year round, the things we have dreaming...

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Pay for my vacations

Pay for my vacations - 24 December 2013

So, Loser! Myself and Lady Nina Leigh have arrived back from our vacation funded by you. Here is a clip I filmed whilst sunning myself up by the pool at...

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trainer sweat

trainer sweat - 21 December 2013

Wow, what a work out! Just finished the best work out with the hottest personal trainer around and boy did I work up a sweat. As I was in a rush this morning...

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