One Little Taste

One Little Taste - 19 February 2020

Go on, it won't harm.  Who knows where it could lead huh?

What are you...

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Pay My Big Tits

Pay My Big Tits - 15 February 2020

My tits are the trigger, that one thing that drive you insane. Without these perfect tits,...

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Name Calling

Name Calling - 12 February 2020

Hey fuck face, ugly cunt, useless piece of sh11t.  Just a few names to get me started.  I mean we don’t want you forgetting who you truly are,...

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My Sissy Cunt

My Sissy Cunt - 08 February 2020

Hello my little sissy cunt! Thats right, its your new name. Don't I look so...

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P0pp3rs Compliation

P0pp3rs Compliation - 05 February 2020

A compilation of some of the best bits.

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My Mindless Wallett

My Mindless Wallett - 01 February 2020

My mindless pay zombie drooling, transfixed and dumb to my beauty.

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My Strong Legs

My Strong Legs - 29 January 2020

How fucking hot do I look and take a good look at my strong legs.  They could crush you in an instant.  Shapley, tanned and toned...

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Lonley Sad Jerk Off

Lonley Sad Jerk Off - 25 January 2020

This is what you do right.  Every single day you worm your way back here for your very next...

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Perfect Round Tits

Perfect Round Tits - 22 January 2020

My tits are the trigger, that one thing that drive you insane. Without these perfect tits,...

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Obsess Some More

Obsess Some More - 18 January 2020

Do I ever leave your mind or am I constantly there? Visions of me, dreams of me and hopes that...

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Pathetic Beta Bitch

Pathetic Beta Bitch - 15 January 2020

I bet your mother didn't know that she gave birth to a bitch rather...

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My Cum Eating Slut

My Cum Eating Slut - 11 January 2020

Ready for some fun huh my little loser. Look what I have here for you. Isn’t this...

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Me And You

Me And You - 08 January 2020

You could be caught at  any minute but you don’t care. You can’t...

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Lose Yourself In My Cleavage

Lose Yourself In My Cleavage - 04 January 2020

My juicy cleavage has always played with your mind.  As hard as you try to...

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One Last Tine You Say

One Last Tine You Say - 01 January 2020

Custom Clip: 

Hello Goddess,...

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P8pp3rs Extreme

P8pp3rs Extreme - 28 December 2019

I am here to mind fuck you, abuse you and make you do anything I want. You are...

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