Teasing the Details

Teasing the Details - 07 May 2013

Teasing you with my curves, long raven hair and shapely breasts you will be in a frenzy, not thinking straight, feeling like mush and eyes glued on my...

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EAT your CUM

EAT your CUM - 03 May 2013

You can't keep your eyes off of my hot sexy young body can you. I love ordering for you to amuse and entertain me. So that is exactly what you are going...

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You can't get enough!

You can't get enough! - 30 April 2013

Title states the obvious loser. You simply can't get enough of your perfect Goddess can you. It's what you think about 24/7 isn't it. ME ME ME! Serving...

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Baby Dick

Baby Dick - 26 April 2013

Hahahahahahaa What the hell! Surely that isn't normal! Yes, that down there. YUK! Hahaha Have you grown everywhere else apart from there?

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ASS Addict

ASS Addict - 23 April 2013

You can't get enough of my pert shapely behind can you, ass addict! I love teasing you wimps with my gorgeous ass, caressing and shaking it within inches...

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Interactive Blackmail

Interactive Blackmail - 19 April 2013

I love nothing more than teasing all that important information out of you. Using your weaknesses to my advantage makes me very over powering, so...

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Triple Small Penis Mock

Triple Small Penis Mock - 16 April 2013

WOW! Look at you, down there on your knees in front of 3 amazing Goddess'. Looking pathetic, looking weak, are your ready for this?! You better be. Myself,...

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Boob LOSER - 09 April 2013

You are so weak for breasts aren't you? Big round juicy pert boobs. Especially mine and Lady Nina Leigh. As we tease you with our perfect tits you...

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Big Boob JOI

Big Boob JOI - 05 April 2013

Stroking to my big curvaceous breasts is going to seriously send you over the edge loser! Now you follow my orders, you are only allowed to jerk when I...

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Armpit Stroker

Armpit Stroker - 02 April 2013

Wow, how weird. You have a sick obsession with my armpits. My soft smooth underarms turns you on!

To me. you are just ANOTHER...

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Bikini Home Wrecker

Bikini Home Wrecker - 29 March 2013

Lets get this straight, you need to stop trying to deny this. Just embrace it. Im the most important thing to you. Not that ugly overweight hag wife your...

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Blue Balled

Blue Balled - 26 March 2013

I love teasing you freaks. Seeing that addiction grow out of control. Weak and desperate at my feet, wanting any kind of acknowledgement. In my skimpy...

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slurp it up

slurp it up - 25 March 2013

You can't keep your eyes off of my hot sexy young body can you. I love ordering for you to amuse and entertain me. So that is exactly what you are going...

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Admit your GAY

Admit your GAY - 22 March 2013

Go on....admit it...your gay right?!

Don't you think I know that this whole 'manly' act of yours is fake! Listen I'm not stupid....

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pin number

pin number - 22 March 2013

Well little freak, we have a new game to play with you and I am sure you are going to be ever so happy to play along with our game! We want to go shopping,...

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smelly slippers

smelly slippers - 20 March 2013

I thought I would make a clip with these disgusting over worn slippers before sending them to their new owner. My yank foot slut Ali. These are the most...

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