Men Are Toys

Men Are Toys - 27 August 2016

Have you accepted this yet? That you are no more than a pawn to me. A mere puppet aching for me to pull on its strings. You are nothing to me. Never was...

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Step By Step

Step By Step - 25 August 2016

Blackmail has been a huge curiosity to you but you have never fully delved in as it scares the life out of you. Family life and vanilla living is...

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My Tits Ruin You

My Tits Ruin You - 23 August 2016

Take it all in, transfix those perverted eyes on big, ample, natural cleavage. My tits are alluring, they bring you to complete submission...

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Humiliating The Wankerholic

Humiliating The Wankerholic - 20 August 2016

Your life is solely centered around stroking your useless dick. It's ALL you think about and when you are not jerking, you are looking for next opportunity...

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I Hate Little Dicks

I Hate Little Dicks - 18 August 2016

Eurgh that is gross, you must feel retarded to have such a vile, irrelevant thing attached to you. Have you ever thought of just giving up, forgetting...

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Forever In Submission

Forever In Submission - 16 August 2016

You know nothing else but to submit in every single aspect of your life. You was born a loser and this is the status you will keep throughout your whole...

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Ignoring Your Ass

Ignoring Your Ass - 13 August 2016

You are such a loser, you will pay for anything featuring myself. So this is why you WILL buy this clip and sit there watching me IGNORE your ass as I...

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Snowball Cei

Snowball Cei - 11 August 2016

It is, what it is. Yet another disgusting way for you to eat your own cum.
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Fiend For Blackmail

Fiend For Blackmail - 09 August 2016

You know you shouldn't buy this clip but you probably will. You know Blackmail makes you weak and you are playing with fire but you will still...

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Mocking Abdullah

Mocking Abdullah - 06 August 2016

Custom Clip:

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How Many Times Cunt

How Many Times Cunt - 04 August 2016

You will buy this clip because I told you to and also because you are a cunt.
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I Found Bigger

I Found Bigger - 02 August 2016

Honey there is something I need to tell you, I don't know how to break it to you but basically it's kinda over. I have found bigger and it wasn't actually...

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My Personal Pig

My Personal Pig - 30 July 2016

 little snippet of my quick ATM trip with Minion Jonathan after our session of which he paid 600 for pure humiliation. At the ATM in a very busy central...

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Im Hot You're Not

Im Hot You're Not - 28 July 2016

It's true, look at me then take a good long look at yourself? What the fuck are you? I bet you don't even know yourself. One thing is for certain you are...

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Michaels Penis Review

Michaels Penis Review - 26 July 2016

Custom Clip:

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Mind Fucked Blackmail

Mind Fucked Blackmail - 23 July 2016

Blackmail has always got you hard, you have stroked many times to the 'thought' of entering the dangerous world but you never quite made it.
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