how to suck cock

how to suck cock - 06 November 2014

Now, you have been doing very well slave. Serving me regularly and keeping me happy but you do know that you can never fully serve me until you have done...

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pay day cunt

pay day cunt - 04 November 2014

It's simple work, I DON'T. You work for ME and EVERY single pay day you hand that cash over to ME!
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homewrecking bitch

homewrecking bitch - 01 November 2014

You thought you could just watch one video here and there and go about your life as a happy married man! Come on, did you really think you could? Now you...

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jerk to my insults

jerk to my insults - 01 November 2014

You are such a fucked up freak, dirty, insulting words from my pretty little mouth really get you off. The thing is, I mean these words. I don't hold back...

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Feeding You Till You Pop

Feeding You Till You Pop - 23 October 2014

I love seeing all you weak pathetic pigs balloon in size. Going from that toned healthy body to an overweight sweaty creature. I enjoy watching...

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Boot Bitched Boss

Boot Bitched Boss - 21 October 2014

Hello Mr Boss, It is now the 3rd time this week you have called a meeting with me. I am kinda thinking it isn't just work related anymore as it...

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Disapointing Dicklett

Disapointing Dicklett - 18 October 2014

That pitiful thing hanging between your legs is what makes you a LOSER! It's what tells you apart from a REAL MAN and a freak!

You are in for...

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Cheap Cunt Call

Cheap Cunt Call - 14 October 2014

During filming I received one of my many daily calls from a lowly slave on my phone line. As he was interrupting my filming I asked as always...

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Chastity Challenge Day 6

Chastity Challenge Day 6 - 09 October 2014

So, here's your challenge. 7 long days locked in chastity, teased to hell by me whilst following orders. Think you can do it?


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Beginning Blackmail

Beginning Blackmail - 04 October 2014

You have worshiped me from afar but always too scared of my power to take it any further but you ache to be completely owned by me. A YOUNG,...

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Beneath My Boots Ignore

Beneath My Boots Ignore - 02 October 2014

Beneath me is where you belong. It is where you have been and will be for the rest of your life. Beneath anyone in life. You are worthless and...

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Diaper Freak

Diaper Freak - 30 September 2014

Look at you, your such a FREAK. You are far from a real man! In fact you’re just an infant, a little boy aren't you?! You never really grew into...

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Chastity Challenge Day 2

Chastity Challenge Day 2 - 27 September 2014

So, here's your challenge. 7 long days locked in chastity, teased to hell by me whilst following orders. Think you can do it?
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Bikini Wallet Fuck

Bikini Wallet Fuck - 25 September 2014

Fucking with your wallet and your head is what I enjoy but whilst trying on my new bikini's I thought that this would be a perfect...

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Brown Eyed Brainwash

Brown Eyed Brainwash - 23 September 2014

Hello slut, I want you to fully relax, rid your mind of any thoughts that your perverted brain may contain. I want you to look deep into my brown...

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Cash Cunt

Cash Cunt - 20 September 2014

That is quite simply what you are.....a CASH CUNT.

I am a stunning, powerful, ambitious who knows exactly what I deserve. I ...

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