A Subs New Year

A Subs New Year - 27 December 2017

When the clock strikes midnight you're back in that same place again. You look around, you know you really don't fit in with this vanilla life....

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Fd Fetishes

Fd Fetishes - 23 December 2017

The problem with a lot of you losers is that you still think in some way that you are paying for...

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Quit Findom

Quit Findom - 20 December 2017

If you are serious about qutting Findom in 2017 then you shouldn't really buy this clip...

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Pantyhose Ass Tease

Pantyhose Ass Tease - 16 December 2017

Drool over my pantyhose clad ass. It makes you weak and vulnerable and I want to tease you over and over again. Ache to worship...

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Purple Bikini Drain

Purple Bikini Drain - 13 December 2017

I know how weak you become with the sight of my hot curvaceous body. I knew straight off that this sexy bikini would drain your balls and wallet...

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Losers Never Get Laid

Losers Never Get Laid - 09 December 2017

As if you would ever have the chance in your whole entire lifetime to get laid. It's never going to happen! If you are holding hope...

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Xmas Bonus Is Mine

Xmas Bonus Is Mine - 06 December 2017

The Christmas bonus that you have worked so hard through the year to achieve is well....MINE.

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Pigs Will Always Pay

Pigs Will Always Pay - 02 December 2017

Why even try to resist me, you know you crumble to a mess when I'm around. You can't even think straight let alone withstand the effect I have on you....

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Ignored By My Cleavage

Ignored By My Cleavage - 29 November 2017

I know you love my cleavage and I love ignoring you. So drool, lust and stare at my cleavage as I simply just ignore your existence. Just as you deserve....

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Pay The Price

Pay The Price - 25 November 2017

You will pay the price for this clip because you should, because you should thank me extra for making these clips and because...

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Pindick Will Worship Big Cocks

Pindick Will Worship Big Cocks - 18 November 2017

Hey there little pin dick are you ready to be humiliated by two of the hottest, British Dommes there is. To be laughed at, degraded and...

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Our Ass Drain Your Wallet

Our Ass Drain Your Wallet - 15 November 2017

Your life will consist of begging to pay our ass' each and every day. You know nothing else and have programmed yourself to be...

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Losers Always Eat It

Losers Always Eat It - 11 November 2017

Being the loser that you are you know that eating your own cum is something you must do. The privilege of being able to orgasm comes at a cost and...

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Nude Louboutins

Nude Louboutins - 08 November 2017

Another pair of expensive heels to add to collection and how gorgeous do these look on my cute feet huh. Divine, powerful and sure to make you slobber...

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You Will Never Stop Paying Me

You Will Never Stop Paying Me - 04 November 2017

Your life will consist of begging to pay me each and every day. You know nothing else and have programmed yourself to...

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Month Of Jasmine

Month Of Jasmine - 01 November 2017

So you desperately ache to show me just how truly devoted you are to me. You want to be noticed and not lost in my herd of cattle. I have very...

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