Addicted To Paying

Addicted To Paying - 11 February 2016

It's true, you will pay for anything. You will literally buy any clip I ever produce. It doesn't matter what it contains, what I'm wearing or the cost,...

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A Lifetime Of Submission

A Lifetime Of Submission - 09 February 2016

You know nothing else but to submit in every single aspect of your life. You was born a loser and this is the status you will keep throughout your whole...

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Conditioned To Crave Cock

Conditioned To Crave Cock - 06 February 2016

I know you have a huge desire for cock, it's constantly creeping into your mind and you try your hardest to think straight and put all your fag thoughts...

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Bi Curios Cei

Bi Curios Cei - 04 February 2016

You have always been slightly bi-View Set

Cock Control

Cock Control - 02 February 2016

It's what you need, what you ache for isn't it, that constant control. 24/7 surveillance of your worthless little cock. A way you can be really moulded...

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100 In 120 Seconds

100 In 120 Seconds - 30 January 2016

Taking your cash is so easy and very simple. You will purchase this clip, you will feel extremely thankful and you will listen to every word from my pretty...

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Busted Boss

Busted Boss - 28 January 2016

You arrive to your office to be greeted by your secretary with a very confused but smarmy look on her face. She has your laptop open and you start to perspire....

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Convincing Cleavage

Convincing Cleavage - 26 January 2016

My big, round cleavage does something unexplained to your brain. It melts you, weakens you and triggers every single submissive trait in you. My tits lure...

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7 Days 7 Tasks

7 Days 7 Tasks - 23 January 2016

It is only right that every single day you are reminded of your place in life via humiliation. So here is your chance to embrace your status and enjoy...

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College Humiliatrix Sph

College Humiliatrix Sph - 21 January 2016

Custom Clip:

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Click And Spend

Click And Spend - 19 January 2016

A quick and easy drain is...

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Blackmail Trap

Blackmail Trap - 16 January 2016

I know you can't resist me, you can't help yourself around my alluring charms. I am so much better than your pathetic wife, I give your worthless, meaningless...

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Clip Addcition

Clip Addcition - 14 January 2016

This addiction has really got a hold of you. It rules your life. Every single thing in your life is centered around your huge addiction to View Set


Collared - 12 January 2016

This is what you have longed for, for so long. To have that collar fastened tight around your neck, to truly submit to your G0d and show what a true devotee...

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Your Needs

Your Needs - 09 January 2016

She doesn't get you like I do. She doesn't understand you nor your needs. She has never made you feel like I do and it's me you truly want. She is nothing...

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Beat That Dick

Beat That Dick - 07 January 2016

You know you are just a little play...

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