Interactive Blackmail No Choice

Interactive Blackmail No Choice - 27 January 2018

You've really got NO CHOICE when it comes to blackmail today, you're caught by the balls, I've got you where I want you. You've already given Me some of...

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Jerk At Work

Jerk At Work - 24 January 2018

It's rise and grind time and I’m not talking about you , lol your just bored counting every...

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Fourteen Hours Of Sweat

Fourteen Hours Of Sweat - 20 January 2018

Doesn't that sound like heaven to you. Fourteen long hours of sweat all nestled into these stinky work out socks. Ripely peeled from my precious...

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Panty Sniffing Addict

Panty Sniffing Addict - 17 January 2018

This is exactly how you get your thrills isn't it. The dirtier, the stinkier, the creamier the better right? To nestle your noes between the crotch turns...

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Pay For My Royal Behind

Pay For My Royal Behind - 13 January 2018

Custom Clip:

I would like you to make me worship your royal behind and...

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My Louboutin Bitch

My Louboutin Bitch - 10 January 2018

My love for the red soles is forever growing. Not only do I like to wear them but I love to tease you with my expensive...

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So Unsatisfying

So Unsatisfying - 06 January 2018

Hey honey, I'm not going to beat around the bush any longer. I am here to tell you straight and I'm not going to hold back. The last 10years have been...

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Your Wife Destests You

Your Wife Destests You - 03 January 2018

Oh yes I hate you but it's not just me that hates your guts, it's your wife too. She really cannot stand you. You turn her stomach,...

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Debt For 2017

Debt For 2017 - 30 December 2017

This is exactly what you need to start your year. Implanting all those words that will be wanting you to spend till the very end. To push yourself so deep...

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A Subs New Year

A Subs New Year - 27 December 2017

When the clock strikes midnight you're back in that same place again. You look around, you know you really don't fit in with this vanilla life....

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Fd Fetishes

Fd Fetishes - 23 December 2017

The problem with a lot of you losers is that you still think in some way that you are paying for...

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Quit Findom

Quit Findom - 20 December 2017

If you are serious about qutting Findom in 2017 then you shouldn't really buy this clip...

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Pantyhose Ass Tease

Pantyhose Ass Tease - 16 December 2017

Drool over my pantyhose clad ass. It makes you weak and vulnerable and I want to tease you over and over again. Ache to worship...

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Purple Bikini Drain

Purple Bikini Drain - 13 December 2017

I know how weak you become with the sight of my hot curvaceous body. I knew straight off that this sexy bikini would drain your balls and wallet...

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Losers Never Get Laid

Losers Never Get Laid - 09 December 2017

As if you would ever have the chance in your whole entire lifetime to get laid. It's never going to happen! If you are holding hope...

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Xmas Bonus Is Mine

Xmas Bonus Is Mine - 06 December 2017

The Christmas bonus that you have worked so hard through the year to achieve is well....MINE.

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