Jerk To My Shiny Blue Ass

Jerk To My Shiny Blue Ass - 11 December 2021

Hey addict, yes you drooling over there. Already on your knees, mouth wide open and absolutely...

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Intense Aroma Session

Intense Aroma Session - 08 December 2021

I am absolutely inundated with requests for these sessions.  So I thought it was only right...

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Total Addict

Total Addict - 04 December 2021

Oh how your life has changed. Did you really picture yourself so hooked, addicted and reliant...

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Hypnotised By My Legs

Hypnotised By My Legs - 01 December 2021

My legs make you feel so inadequate.

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Jerk Off Addict Recluse

Jerk Off Addict Recluse - 27 November 2021

Yup, right here, just what you see is exactly what your sex life consists of.  Jerking off to your hopeless life really drives you wild....

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Suck Cock For My Ass

Suck Cock For My Ass - 24 November 2021

My Ass makes you stupid. So utterly obsessed and ruled by my big ass whatever...

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Working Class Scum

Working Class Scum - 20 November 2021

I seem to be completely inundated with slaves of the working class society. Whether...

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Rip Off Queen

Rip Off Queen - 17 November 2021

You’re so lucky that I even make these clips.  So here’s a fuck you.  Buy the fucking clip.  Add to basket and pay. ...

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Youre Gay Arent You

Youre Gay Arent You - 13 November 2021

Stop lying to yourself and stop denying who you really are.

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Spend It All For My Tits

Spend It All For My Tits - 10 November 2021

Are you ready to blow it all today?

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You Live For Humiliaton

You Live For Humiliaton - 06 November 2021

This what you live, eat and breathe. Total and utter humiliation from me....

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Life Of My Ass Addict

Life Of My Ass Addict - 03 November 2021

Oh you needed this didn't you.


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My Beauty Makes You Pay

My Beauty Makes You Pay - 30 October 2021

You pay me for existing. My beauty corrupted you instantly...

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I Get Richer You Get Poorer

I Get Richer You Get Poorer - 27 October 2021

It's simple, I get even richer than I already am whilst you slum...

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Fluffy Jumper JOI

Fluffy Jumper JOI - 27 October 2021

How cute do I look in my Pink Fluffy Jumper huh?

I know I make...

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Jacuzzi Feet

Jacuzzi Feet - 23 October 2021

Can you resist my wet, soft crinkled soles?

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