Humiliating Glossy Lips

Humiliating Glossy Lips - 06 March 2021

Degraded, Teased and humiliated all whilst I apply the glossiest of lipsticks looking down at you.

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Cuck Stays In Again

Cuck Stays In Again - 03 March 2021

Oh don’t you scrub up well.  Did you think we was both going out together this evening?...

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Hooked On My Tits

Hooked On My Tits - 27 February 2021

From the moment you first set your eyes on my tits you were instantly hooked....

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I Love Calling You A Cunt

I Love Calling You A Cunt - 24 February 2021

I love calling you cunt.  It just rolls off of my tongue and I really...

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Drink And Sniff Fag

Drink And Sniff Fag - 20 February 2021

In this clip you’re going to totally lose yourself.  You’re going to forget about every thing else.  I want you to follow my instructions and sniff, sniff sniff. ...

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Cum For Me Not Her

Cum For Me Not Her - 13 February 2021

Be honest with yourself, has she ever truly got you hard?  Does she know what buttons to...

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Drink It All Up

Drink It All Up - 10 February 2021

You are so lucky that you get to jerk off to so many hot girls. Thinking we want to watch you...

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Foot Boy For Life

Foot Boy For Life - 06 February 2021

Of course you had to get another dose of my sexy feet.  These heels as I dangle them just drive you wild.  Open wide, suck on my heels like a...

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Cum On Your Wedding Photo

Cum On Your Wedding Photo - 03 February 2021

You've been waiting for a new home wrecking task. You just can't help yourself. I’m your best...

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Flip And Jerk

Flip And Jerk - 30 January 2021

Hey loser, I'm going condition you to LOVE my middle finger.  Whenever I flip you...

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Dont Be Ashamed

Dont Be Ashamed - 27 January 2021

Are you embarrassed of what you truly are? Are you denying yourself of what really gets you off?...

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Empty Your Balls Addict

Empty Your Balls Addict - 23 January 2021

Your wife is not a patch on me is she . Who makes you cum so hard ? ME . I know this , you know this . But does SHE know how your addiction...

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Effortlessly Draining You

Effortlessly Draining You - 20 January 2021

It's so easy to drain you, in fact it's laughable just how effortless it is.

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Destroying Any Self Esteem

Destroying Any Self Esteem - 17 January 2021

You fucking loser! If this isn't embedded deep in your head then it most defiantly will after...

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A Milking Fag Mindfuck

A Milking Fag Mindfuck - 16 January 2021

Custom Clip:

I'm still strapped into...

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Femdom Addiction Is Ruining Your Life

Femdom Addiction Is Ruining Your Life - 13 January 2021

Can you remember the times when you could think straight? Without always veering off to thoughts...

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