Ass Addict

Ass Addict - 21 August 2012

My round curvaceous ass inches from your snout, you just want to reach forward, smell it, lick it, touch it! You simply are an ass addict.  You...

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Pin Dick

Pin Dick - 17 August 2012

Wow, what the hell is that? Un zip show me...erghhhh! Didn't you grow in that department? You have a baby dick! That's gross! Look how small it is, I have...

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Sneaker Dirt

Sneaker Dirt - 10 August 2012

YUK! I've been wearing these trainers in the mud today, they are absolutely covered in mud, dirt and grease.  It's hard to find a clean spot, so these...

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Stinky Slippers

Stinky Slippers - 07 August 2012

These slippers are literally vintage.  So old and worn and have quite a stench! Perfect for a little freak like you, this is the kind of weird shit...

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Jerk to my Boots

Jerk to my Boots - 20 July 2012

Don't I just look so sexy, so powerful, such a Goddess in my black leather boots.  As soon as you set your perverted eyes on me you are sure to be...

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Creamy feet

Creamy feet - 17 July 2012

I love to tease you freaks with my size 4 petite perfect feet.  I like to look after them, making them nice and soft and silky and what perfect way...

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Latex Panties

Latex Panties - 10 July 2012

My tight shiny latex panties really make you weak at the knees don't they loser! Rubbing my hands over my curves just turns you into putty! Weak, worthless...

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Your New Life

Your New Life - 06 July 2012

Face it fuckwit. This is your new life, so embrace it.  Your a sad addicted loser now so don\\\'t try to deny it or try to escape as you can\\\'t!...

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Sexual Reject

Sexual Reject - 26 June 2012

Hello Loser, welcome to your Sex Education lesson.  I'm going to explain to you just why you are a pathetic sexual reject, why your a virgin and why...

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Diaper Boy

Diaper Boy - 22 June 2012

Oh no, there I was thinking it couldn't get any worse! Thenrni discover you freaks that still wear diapers. Losers like you who are 40 yearsrnold and still...

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Pantyhose Perverted Boss

Pantyhose Perverted Boss - 15 June 2012

As your PA, I bet you didn't know just how powerful I am, just how manipulating I can be.  I knew by wearing these sheer nude pantyhose it would send...

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Office Cuck

Office Cuck - 12 June 2012

This really is the lowest of the low. You weren't of any sexual use as my husband so you accepted the fact that the only use for you is to be my pathetic...

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Work Out

Work Out - 05 June 2012

I love to look after my perfect curves by working hard at the gym.  Wearing my cute gym attire and I do work up a sweat! Now, I bet...

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Flip Flop Treat

Flip Flop Treat - 01 June 2012

On a hot summers day, I arrive back after wearing my cute flip flops all day.  They are disgustingly dirty and you can imagine with the heat...

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I own YOU

I own YOU - 29 May 2012

Now I thought this video is appropriate for some of your losers.  I mean do I really have to reiterate that you are MY slave.  It seems...

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My Wardrobe

My Wardrobe - 22 May 2012

So, all you minions know I'm greedy and very spoilt but you haven't really seen just how much! So I thought I would show you around my wardrobe, showing...

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