Crazy 4 My Cleavage

Crazy 4 My Cleavage - 19 March 2016

Your weakness for my cleavage is...

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A Dangerous Slipperly Slope

A Dangerous Slipperly Slope - 17 March 2016

What have you got yourself in to hey. Did you think it would devour you like this? Did you think it would completely consume your every thought?
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Crushed By Your Wife

Crushed By Your Wife - 15 March 2016

Hello Honey, I have a secret to tell you. I have super powers and well youve been really useless lately so I think I will just have to shrink you down...

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Bounded In Blackmail

Bounded In Blackmail - 12 March 2016

So we are here, you are at my feet in complete mercy. You lost yourself in a horny oblivion and sent over all that information you really didn't want to....

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Birthday Month Pleasing

Birthday Month Pleasing - 10 March 2016

It's my favourite month of the year. The month in which I was born, the month that you push yourself to the limit in servitude to impress me.
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Because I Can Rip Off

Because I Can Rip Off - 08 March 2016

It really is hilarious how easy it is to take cash from you. You work yourself to the bone to make ends meet, you push yourself further than your limits...

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Constant Control

Constant Control - 05 March 2016

It's what you need, what you ache for isn't it, that View Set

Cheap Pathetic Slave

Cheap Pathetic Slave - 03 March 2016

You idiots do make me laugh. You call yourself a 'Financial Slave' because you purchase all my Financial domination clips and that makes you a worthy View Set

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15mins Of Poppers Edging

15mins Of Poppers Edging - 01 March 2016

This int0x session will test both your endurance and your obedience. It is by far the most intense Int0x session so far. I push you further and deeper...

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Caging Your Cock

Caging Your Cock - 27 February 2016

You have no self control when it comes that your worthless cock. Wanking has taken over your life, normal day living doesn't exist anymore. You yearn to...

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Controlled Mind Fuck

Controlled Mind Fuck - 25 February 2016

Control is what you need, intoxication...

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You Belong At My Feet

You Belong At My Feet - 23 February 2016

Your place is at my feet, looking...

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Cheers - 20 February 2016

Let's make a toast to you being the biggest pile of possible and let's toast with a cup of your own cum. I mean you have always longed to have that 'drink'...

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Beauty Is Power

Beauty Is Power - 18 February 2016

I'm beautiful, therefore it makes me extremely View Set

Blackmailed And Financially Ruined

Blackmailed And Financially Ruined - 16 February 2016

You fell hook, link and sinker deep into my blackmail trap. You thought with your dick and it has landed you in a well of anxiety. Constantly terrified...

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Controlled Edging

Controlled Edging - 13 February 2016

We both know I control your cock. Every single stroke is directed by me and that is exactly what is happening today. Teasing, View Set


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