Cum Eating Is Sexy

Cum Eating Is Sexy - 29 September 2016

You ache to cum so bad for me. You don't care in what way just as long as you show me just what affect I have on you. Cum eating hasn't ever been something...

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Addicted To Femdom Porn

Addicted To Femdom Porn - 27 September 2016

Normality has never interested you. You've always craved something slightly different, odd in some ways and something totally suited to your...

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Controlled By My Cleavage

Controlled By My Cleavage - 24 September 2016

Can you seriously think straight when you are greeted with the greatly sight of my amazing cleavage? Of course not. My juicy,...

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Your Duty To Pay

Your Duty To Pay - 22 September 2016

It has always been your duty as a loser to pay. To empty your wallet daily to your superior....

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Go Gay For Me

Go Gay For Me - 20 September 2016

Embrace it, it's no secret. Dick is what gets you off, it makes you horny and it makes you weak. Stroking to cock gives you such a satisfying feeling....

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Chastity Is For You

Chastity Is For You - 17 September 2016

It's come to that time where I need to take control of your disobedient behaviour and constant wanking. It's what you need, what you ache for isn't...

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No Cure

No Cure - 15 September 2016

Accept it, there is no cure for you. You're a loser, end of. You was born this way and you live and embrace this way until your last day...

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Your Vows Meant Nothing

Your Vows Meant Nothing - 13 September 2016

Firstly your marriage is a joke, a total shambles so to destroy it would be a blessing in disguise for your wife. I know you cant resist me, I am the only...

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Real Findom

Real Findom - 10 September 2016

Let's talk REAL Findom. None of these small, menial tributes but how it really works. How my life is paid for and what I expect. Listen...

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Ruled By My Ass

Ruled By My Ass - 08 September 2016

My ass is divine and it makes you weak at the thought. Round, curvaceous, beautiful and powerful, my big butt has you by the balls...

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Cei Makes You Gay

Cei Makes You Gay - 06 September 2016

Jerking off is something you do often, along with eating your own cum. You love the taste,you enjoy how dirty and degrading...

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Quick Cash

Quick Cash - 03 September 2016

Hey pig, you know why you're here. So just click 'Buy Now' and add to my mother fucking cash empire. You've worked hard all week in order to enjoy that...

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Prescribed Poppers

Prescribed Poppers - 01 September 2016

You are at your whits end, you don't know where to turn to and really aren't sure just what is wrong with you. So you turn to your trusted Dr who just...

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Draining You Is So Much Fun

Draining You Is So Much Fun - 30 August 2016

It's so easy to drain you, with one flash of my cleavage you're a nervous wreck and an easy target. I want to take it all, I want to ensure you are broke...

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Men Are Toys

Men Are Toys - 27 August 2016

Have you accepted this yet? That you are no more than a pawn to me. A mere puppet aching for me to pull on its strings. You are nothing to me. Never was...

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Step By Step

Step By Step - 25 August 2016

Blackmail has been a huge curiosity to you but you have never fully delved in as it scares the life out of you. Family life and vanilla living is...

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