Sexless Femdom Junkie

Sexless Femdom Junkie - 30 May 2020

Right here is just where you want to be. In front of your computer, trousers around your ankles...

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Trapped - 27 May 2020

You literally waddle and crawl to the computer everyday and binge for hours and hours watching my clips.  You are a fat fucking pig because of my...

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Sniff Yourself Broke

Sniff Yourself Broke - 23 May 2020

Do you really know what you're letting yourself in for today?

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Ruining All Your Orgasms

Ruining All Your Orgasms - 20 May 2020

You cannot control yourself when it comes to watching my clips and stroking your over-wanked...

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Real Estate Rip Off

Real Estate Rip Off - 16 May 2020

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  The dining room is so spacious, the kitchen is divine and the...

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Shiny Jerk Off Junkie

Shiny Jerk Off Junkie - 13 May 2020

How perfect does my ass look in these tight, shiny pants. Clinging to my every curve and ensuring your every thought is focused on my round butt....

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Spending Is Your Only Pleasure

Spending Is Your Only Pleasure - 09 May 2020

Face it, how else are you able to pleasure me?...

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Reality TV

Reality TV - 06 May 2020

I want you to watch this clip every time you finish one of my interactive clips (JOI or Findom).

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My Fucking Pay Cunt

My Fucking Pay Cunt - 02 May 2020

You do know that I fucking hate you. In fact, I don’t just hate you. I hate everything...

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Sniff And Jerk To Your Bbc Thoughts

Sniff And Jerk To Your Bbc Thoughts - 29 April 2020

Sniffing those nitrates really encourages you to lose your inhibition’s.  You forget your â€˜vanilla’...

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Smell The Sweat

Smell The Sweat - 25 April 2020

How hot do I look in my gym outfit, makes you melt doesn’t it.  I bet you’re...

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Small Dicks Pay More

Small Dicks Pay More - 22 April 2020

Another loser lacking in the most important area of your existence.

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Pvc Boots

Pvc Boots - 18 April 2020

Don’t I look so powerful right now, towering above you, dangling my PVC boots...

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Sexy Bratty Greed

Sexy Bratty Greed - 15 April 2020

Just the thought of handing over your money to me turns you on. And I fully understand this. You...

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Relapsed And High

Relapsed And High - 11 April 2020

And so you return.  It was inventible wasn't.  We both knew you would be back....

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Go Bankrupt For Me

Go Bankrupt For Me - 10 April 2020

I love pushing you, seeing just how far you would go for my entertainment. Playing...

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