Animal Antics

Animal Antics - 23 March 2012

Slaves are animals.  You are all part of my farm haha! Myself and Princess Samantha love humiliating you, mocking you just for our pure entertainment...

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Pimped out Piggy

Pimped out Piggy - 16 March 2012

You want to serve me? But you are a broke ass Loser?! Well, you are no fucking use to me are you freak! So I will help you out, as you are quite obviously...

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Setting it straight

Setting it straight - 13 March 2012

Baby im just going to say it straight, no holding back.  It's about time you knew, well im sure you probably know already BUT you really aren't doing...

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Prissy Sissy

Prissy Sissy - 09 March 2012

Your not a man you don't have a normal sized penis do you! You have a little clitty. YUK! So, we think it's about time you embraced this and about time...

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Ass Kisses for Goddess Jasmine

Ass Kisses for Goddess Jasmine - 06 March 2012

Well thank you for buying me this sexy lingerie, it's so hot isn't it?! The way it clings to my curves, shows off my amazing perfect cleavage. Well...

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Stupid Boot Freak

Stupid Boot Freak - 28 February 2012

Do you think arriving at your session 15 minutes late, I am going to greet you smiling?! No, I didn't think so! So, I will show why turning up this late...

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Sissy Panty Slut

Sissy Panty Slut - 21 February 2012

So, Sissy! I want you to buy a pair of my worn panties. You know how to do it! Then, once you receive your little package I want you to take...

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Cucky's Valentines Day

Cucky's Valentines Day - 14 February 2012

Valentines day is our favourite time of the year. It's one of the many days that freaks like you spoil Goddess' like us. But, for you Cucky,...

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Taking your pay cheque Bitch!

Taking your pay cheque Bitch! - 10 February 2012

I order you to come into my office to have a quiet word with you.  Listen, you really are pathetic aren't you, you have spent all that time and money...

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Humiliated by your PA

Humiliated by your PA - 24 January 2012

Jasmine has been working as your PA for a year now, she has already been blackmailing you on the grounds of sexual harassment and threatening to email...

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Debt Collectors POV

Debt Collectors POV - 10 January 2012

In this clip, myself and Princess Portia pay a visit to you, our pathetic slave who has missed your monthly direct debit into our accounts! We are furious,...

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Redundancy with Princess Portia Part 2 POV

Redundancy with Princess Portia Part 2 POV - 03 January 2012

I knew you little weak freaks couldnt get enough of part 1 that you had to come back for part 2 haha pathetic!  Of course, we continue to mock, taunt...

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Redundancy with Princess Portia Part 1 POV

Redundancy with Princess Portia Part 1 POV - 27 December 2011

Myself and PA Portia deliver the news to you, our pathetic Boss. That you are going to be made redundant, aww what a shame...NOT! We are going to divide...

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Into Chastity

Into Chastity - 20 December 2011

So listen up freak, your so addicted to Goddess Jasmine you will do listen carefully!

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Blowing Your Cash

Blowing Your Cash - 25 March 207

Admit it, my greed turns you on. It makes you hard and it encourages you to go down that path of financial deterioration. I'm destructive, you know just...

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virtual kiss

virtual kiss - 30 November -1

This really is a bargain, you know that right!
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