LOSER - 03 July 2012

That is what you are, right? A big fat LOSER! Looking superior and sexy as always I love to laugh at you worms.....

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Sock Sniffer

Sock Sniffer - 29 June 2012

YUK! Dirty worn, sweaty socks! That\'s what makes you horny?! haha How pathetic! But us two perfect Princess\' teasing you with our worn socks whilst humiliating...

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Latex PA

Latex PA - 19 June 2012

Dressed from head to toe in shiny. skin tight Latex.  I bet you have already cum in your pants LOSER! Latex makes me feel even more powerful and I...

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Loser Call IGNORE

Loser Call IGNORE - 08 June 2012

One of my many little addicted freaks call my phone line whilst I am busy sunbathing. So I thought I should do a picture set of me ignoring you as why...

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Office Humiliation (SPH)

Office Humiliation (SPH) - 25 May 2012

Coming into the office knowing that your co worker knows your pathetic little secret. She knows about your tiny little baby dick. She calls you into her...

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Double Double D's

Double Double D's - 11 May 2012

Goddess Jasmine + Lady Nina Leigh + Double D\'s +Pert Perfect breasts = you completely enslaved.

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At our Feet

At our Feet - 04 May 2012

Well that is where you belong isn\\\'t it? At our feet, ready to serve, embracing the complete loser that you are! Well if your not, by the end of this...

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Thigh High Boots

Thigh High Boots - 27 April 2012

I LOVE wearing boots, especially this pair! This pair has been a firm favorite in my real time sessions. Wouldn\'t you like to worship these?...

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Ass Licker

Ass Licker - 20 April 2012

Haha, so your addicted to my ass are you?! I'm not surprised, a pert peachy behind normally gets guys to my feet, begging for my attention....

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Little Perv

Little Perv - 10 April 2012

Did you think that you could secretly perv on me? Because you are so small and minuscule that I wouldn't notice you? Well of course not. Im very angry,...

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Ass Addict

Ass Addict - 03 April 2012

You will be in ass heaven with 2 perfect shapely ass\'s.  You will be little putty in our hands, you will want to do anything to serve us. So feed...

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Pin Dick

Pin Dick - 27 March 2012

Eurgh! Tiny little peckers like this one actually make me violently sick! There is NO use for it.  It's not like it's going to satisfy anyone or anything...

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My LOVE My ADDICTION - 20 March 2012

YES! What I LOVE! The ONLY thing I care about! Your hard earned cash, in MY hands. Where it belongs with its rightful owner! Hand it over! 

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Black Catsuit Lock up Tease

Black Catsuit Lock up Tease - 02 March 2012

You really are addicted aren\\\'t you! Down on your knees like a little dog.  You will do anything i tell you to do like a good little boy.  Well...

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Latex Barn

Latex Barn - 24 February 2012

I seriously tease you freaks in this set.  Wearing tight latex leggings and latex bandeau top complete with my naughty riding crop.  You better...

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Officer Jasmine

Officer Jasmine - 17 February 2012

Yes, that's right Jerk! Im here to take over your life, take control of your pathetic existence. Your ass is mine now BITCH!

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